Cyber security?
Just forget it.
Focus on your business

Don't worry. We've got your back.

Today's business security needs to be consistent, agile and everywhere. It's a far cry from the '90s mentality of slapping anti-virus on a computer and calling it a day.

Attackers combine people, process and technology to get past your defenses. You need the same thing. It's expensive and time consuming – and incredibly challenging to get it right.

But don't worry. We've got your back.

We provide you the right combination of people, process and technology – to fend off even the most committed attackers.

Get it right with Protection Service for Business 2017

Protection Service For Business is the only security solution on the market that combines an easy, cloud-based management portal with security for computers, mobiles and servers, along with integrated patch- and mobile device management.

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Components of Protection Service for Business

How worried should you be?

Our State of Endpoint Security test measures your organization's understanding of the risk environment, the needed technologies, proven processes and a holistic approach. How do you score?

We provide you best-in-class protection - consistently above the competition

Consistency is the key to proper security. You don't want to be secure just today or tomorrow. You want to be secure every single day, 24/7, from here until the end of time.

Some suppliers manage to reach perfect test scores every now and then. We've won the Best Protection Award from AV-Test five times in the past six years. Consistently good results that count. After all, you won't want to change your security product with every update of test results.

F-Secure is also the only vendor on the market that has been able to score 6 out of 6 for overall protection with AV Test since 2014 in their business endpoint security test.

  • We provide you more for your IT budget We combine all essential aspects of endpoint security in a single, unified solution to offer your business a broader security coverage and better protection than other vendors in the market – at a more attractive price.
  • We keep it all up-to-date You're busy. We get it. We make sure you automatically have the latest and greatest when it comes to security, leaving you free to focus on other things. Your solution is always up-to-date, and gets new features and improvements every 2 weeks.
  • We keep it simple We designed the solution to be as easy and automatic as possible. So when you do need to do something, you get it done fast and without hassle. And with a cloud-based solution, you don't need to buy, deploy or maintain servers. All you need is your browser!
  • We keep tabs on the bad guys Your solution has 24/7 access to the latest threat intelligence gathered from our tens of millions of customers worldwide, ensuring that you are at the forefront of security. And it also patches your other software automatically, whenever a new vulnerability is found.

Looking for more control over your IT security? 2017

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Scalable security for full control and advanced central management.

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