Email And Server Security is a powerful, centralized solution for your server, email, and collaboration protection. Watch over your whole business IT, both physical and virtual, and ensure smooth operation.


Email is one of the most common ways to communicate, in businesses maybe the most common. That makes it an excellent channel for cyber-criminals looking to breach company networks. What is more, email-related problems are getting worse in nature – instead of simple spam, email today spreads all kinds of malware and is also used for targeted attacks. Therefore, keeping your email flow intact and secure is a key element to business security.

F-Secure Email and Server Security offers protection for Microsoft Windows servers, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft SharePoint, as well as Terminal, Citrix, and Linux servers and EMC CAVA servers.


F-Secure Email and Server Security is a robust full-service solution designed to protect your company's email and collaboration servers and to shield the company network from any malicious code that exploits HTTP or SMTP traffic. Email and Server Security offers a powerful spam scanner for email traffic combined with quarantine management.

Email and Server Security acts as the first line of defense against zero-day threats and known vulnerabilities.

Email and Server Security contains all the features in Server Security plus support for Microsoft Exchange email servers, Terminal Servers, Citrix servers, spam control, Microsoft SharePoint, and EMC CAVA.


F-Secure Email & Server Security is an easy-to-use server and email security software solution that provides protection for file servers and email servers against malware and software exploits.

  • Get trouble-free security for companies of all sizes.
  • Secure your sharing and collaboration systems with the best protection available.
  • Protect your networks and confidential data comprehensively against all types of malware.



Email and Server Security protects your servers, email, and communication, keeping your business assets safe.

Protection for companies' most critical components against spam, malware, and Internet threats

Proactive security, such as behavior analysis and cloud-based whitelists and blacklists with DeepGuard

Browsing Protection guards against harmful websites and browser-based attacks

The integrated Software Updater offers an additional layer of protection


Email and Server Security is part of Business Suite and can be managed with the same management tool, Policy Manager, as other F-Secure security products.

Easy-to-use and manage, saving you time in both implementation and usage

Clear and transparent licensing model without hidden costs

Low impact on virtual or physical environments

Minimizes the impact on virtualized environments by offloading scanning resources to a dedicated server


Anti-virus for Microsoft Exchange

Protect the server against malware

Anti-virus for Microsoft SharePoint

Real-time protection for all content used with Microsoft SharePoint servers

Spam control

Detect and filter spam messages from email traffic, providing real-time protection against all types of spam, regardless of its content, format, or language

Terminal Server/Citrix and EMC CAVA

Malware scanning support for Terminal Server/Citrix and EMC CAVA

Microsoft file server protection

Get unmatched protection against viruses, Trojans, rootkits, and other malware


Our proactive on-host protection engine

Web traffic scanning

Detects and blocks malicious content in web traffic (HTTP protocol) to provide additional protection against malware

Browsing Protection

Protection for your terminal users against web browser exploits and rogue web sites

Offload scanning agent

Allows you to offload malware scanning to F-Secure Scanning and Reputation Server in Virtual and Cloud Environments

Software Updater

Keeps your system and applications up to date by installing patches as they are released by vendors

Botnet Blocker

Repel botnets effectively

Advanced Protection

Filter file types based on content type

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Keep Your Email Safe

Protects incoming, outgoing, and internal mail traffic and Microsoft Exchange public folders from malware and other security threats, and provides content and attachment filtering.

  • Protects the server against malware
  • Powerful spam scanner for email traffic
  • Email quarantine management

Secure Content Sharing

Real-time protection, scanning the uploaded and downloaded content for malware and other security threats.

  • Real-time protection for all content used with Microsoft SharePoint servers
  • Scans all uploaded and downloaded content for malware and other threats

Unparalleled Protection

DeepGuard provides proactive on-host protection against new and emerging threats. Its dynamic, proactive behavioral analysis technology efficiently identifies and intercepts malicious behavior.

  • Get immediate on-host protection against known and new threats even before signature databases are updated
  • Intercept exploit attacks on installed programs
  • Recognize and block suspicious activity
  • Minimize the potential loss of sensitive data due to malware infection

Protection for Online Work

Ensures that employees can work safely and efficiently online without worries.

  • Proactively prevents employees from accessing harmful sites, links, or content
  • Removes human errors and proactively minimizes exposure
  • Works with all major browsers

Offload resource-heavy scanning

Optimize the use of resources in F-Secure products with a specified scanning agent.

  • Hypervisor-agnostic - covers servers from purely virtual to mixed and hybrid environments.
  • Secure virtualization of public and private clouds in VMware, Citrix, and Hyper-V environments.
  • Reduced memory, CPU, and disk space consumption on virtual machines.

Easy patch management

Over 80% of cyber attacks occur as a result of outdated software. Software Updater helps you keep third-party software and Windows up to date. Since it's integrated, you can easily avoid attacks based on known vulnerabilities.

  • Key component of security, prevents up to over 80% of vulnerabilities
  • Gain visibility to available 3rd party software updates
  • Creates a vulnerability analysis of your environment

Repel botnets effectively

Botnet Blocker stops criminals aiming to control compromised assets by preventing communication to Command & Control domains.

  • Administrator can prevent network activity relating to known botnets
  • Block Domain Name Server (DNS) queries on the host level
  • Admin can filter out queries based on domain reputation with the option of whitelisting them

Block Selected Content from Unknown Sites

Web Traffic Scanning Advanced Protection enables you to block certain content from unknown sites, ensuring that employees can work safely and efficiently online.

  • Prevents users from downloading potentially harmful content
  • Block content like Flash, Silverlight, Executables, Java & ActiveX components on unknown sites
  • Block 100% of Java applets from untrusted sources as well as Windows malware Whitelist trusted sites
  • Admin can whitelist selected sites

Email and Server Security Standard

Email and Server Security Premium

Virus & Spyware Protection

Web Traffic Scanning

Browsing Protection

Offload Scanning Agent

Advanced Protection

Web Content Control

Connection Protection

Software Updater