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Combine cognitive endpoint security with advanced vulnerability management

Effective threat prevention is the cornerstone of cyber security, but you can't rely on endpoint security alone to keep you safe. Companies with extensive IT infrastructures need to be proactive in dealing with their threat landscape, and predict and manage both internal and external risks efficiently.

F-Secure's state-of-the-art endpoint protection solutions, coupled with our advanced vulnerability management software, allow you to fortify your attack surface against even the most skilled attackers.


Full-Protection Suites

Cloud Hosted
Protection Service for Business

Advanced multi-endpoint security solution with streamlined central management.

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On-Site Hosted
Business Suite

Scalable security for full control and advanced central management.

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Vulnerability Management & Advanced Threat Protection

F-Secure Radar

Powerful, scalable vulnerability management and scanning

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F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution monitoring your IT environment status and security, with automation and response guidance whenever under attack.

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Key Strategies in Endpoint Protection

Perimeter Security is no longer enough. Check out our webinar on how to prevent cyber threats.

Even the best technology is not enough

Technology alone cannot guarantee your safety against modern cyber criminals. That's why we constantly study and analyze all the different threats out there, and updated best practices to deal with new attack methods. These cutting-edge insights are incorporated straight into our solutions, ensuring that you will always have access to the best possible protection.

  • World-class technology and expertise F-Secure's labs have been studying malware and hacker behavior for almost 30 years, with all that accumulated knowledge having been channeled into the world-class technologies fueling our products. We continue to tirelessly refine our solutions based on the latest threat intelligence.
  • We offer you consistent security F-Secure has proven itself to have reliable and consistent protection, year after year. We excel in third-party tests, and are the only IT security vendor on the market to reach 6/6 on AV-Test's business security endpoint assessments every year since 2014.
  • Trusted by thousands of partners and millions of end customers Together with our extensive partner network, we offer comprehensive IT security for businesses of all sizes in over 100 countries. These partners and customers trust us to keep them safe, no matter the circumstances. Why not join them?

Are you looking for more advanced security services to protect your business?

Managed Detection
and Response

Our enterprise-grade MDR service detects and analyzes advanced cyber attacks – if you're breached, you'll know about it in less than 30 minutes.

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Cyber Security

F-Secure offers a comprehensive suite of security assessment services designed to cover your organization's entire range of hardware and software.

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Risk and Security
Management Advisory

Our Risk and Security Management team offers a wide range of services, from security strategy and risk management to policy development.

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