F-Secure Radar

A turnkey vulnerability scanning and management platform

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F-Secure Radar gives you full visibility into all of the digital risks threatening your company, allowing you to eliminate the biggest source of successful cyber attacks: unidentified IT weaknesses. Let's discuss your challenges, needs and goals, whereafter you will get a free trial to try it out for yourself with a tailor-made plan.

  • Get an introduction into vulnerability management from a local expert
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Discover all the assets, systems and applications on your network

Ease of use

Deploy and use immediately, with intuitive controls and automatic updates

Custom reporting

Create custom reports with real guidance on how to improve your security

What is your attack surface?

Your organization's attack surface is the sum of your IT risk exposure, including servers, software and web applications. It isn't only limited to your own systems, but also expands across your suppliers, customers and partners.

F-Secure Radar scans for:

  • All known, unknown, and potential vulnerabilities
  • Controls across all software, web applications and networks
  • Shadow IT, misconfigured external systems, malware websites and website-linked hosts
  • Partner and contractor security risks
  • Brand infringements and phishing

How does Radar solve our customers' problems?

Regulatory Compliance

Proper compliance with PCI, HIPAA and GDPR is a requirement when selling goods and services to EU countries and within the Middle East. Radar will help you track your compliance status, and identify areas where you need to improve.

Brand infringement

Radar allows you to search the whole internet for suspicious activity regarding your brand and intellectual property. This will help you stay ahead of potential legal issues, and reduce the risk of your partners, customers and employees falling victim to phishing scams.

Cost reduction

Radar has helped many of our customers dramatically lower their security costs. With a proactive approach to cyber security, you can pinpoint exactly where you need to spend your resources to get the most out of your budget.


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