F-Secure Cloud Protection for Salesforce adopted by Yahoo! JAPAN’s customer support department

Securing attachments and URLs provides significant benefits to staff and users.

Helsinki, Finland – July 1, 2020: F-Secure has announced that F-Secure Cloud Protection for Salesforce (CPSF), available on Salesforce AppExchange, has been selected by Yahoo! JAPAN to help secure their content in the cloud.

The "shared responsibility" model, in which the service provider secures the cloud platform and the company using the service is responsible for the uploaded/downloaded content, has become common. Even if content is secure in the cloud, the potential exists for attackers to access the data through targeted attacks, or by taking advantage of simple human error.

Yahoo! JAPAN's customer support department, which has 80 million regular users, receives thousands of inquiries from users every day. Yahoo! JAPAN uses Salesforce as a platform for its inquiry reception service, and made the decision to adopt F-Secure’s solution to integrate with Salesforce native by scanning content for malware and potentially malicious URLs, to help reduce security risks.

"We do not know the individual security environment of the customer who makes inquiries with us. Users may not have antivirus software on their PCs or smartphones, their operating systems may not be properly updated, and there’s the risk of attachments containing malware being saved or transferred externally,” explained Atsushi Tokuyama, Group Leader of Yahoo! JAPAN's Cloud Operator Team. “User companies are responsible for ensuring the security of content in the cloud environment, and Yahoo! JAPAN felt it was important to take protective measures. Because CPSF provides API integration between F-Secure Security Cloud and the cloud platform, we are now able to secure our content without impacting the team’s performance."

"All businesses run on trust and Yahoo! JAPAN is blazing the trail with their deep understanding of what cloud security truly is all about - taking steps to reduce the risk of a  malicious actor destroying the trust the company has spent years building," said Rasmus Almqvist, Global Alliance Lead at F-Secure.

Currently, hundreds of staff in the customer support department at Yahoo! JAPAN are using F-Secure’s solution, and the system is running smoothly.

"The design of its management interface and notification system is very clear, so our staff don't become distracted by usability issues and there is almost no time lag when scanning. Previously, viewing attached files had been prohibited, but now the problems no longer exist, and that brings great benefits to our customers and our staff," said Tokuyama.

More information on F-Secure Cloud Protection for Salesforce is available here.

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