F-Secure, KAON, and Incognito make connected home security as easy as plugging in a router

Service providers can now deploy gateway security services for the entire home in weeks, not months.

Helsinki, Finland – October 13, 2021: Cyber security provider F-Secure, KAON Broadband, a source of integrated solutions featuring home network devices and associated revenue-generating services, and Incognito, a leading global provider of broadband service orchestration software solutions, have announced a new combined offering that delivers a fully integrated end-to-end connected home security offering with endless expansion capabilities.

The joint proposition enhances service delivery, remote management, and security for communication service providers by combining KAON’s Quantum Platform, Incognito’s Digital Experience (DX) Auto Configuration Server solution, and F-Secure SENSE.

“For service providers, routers aren’t just connectivity hardware anymore. They’re the key to both securing their customers’ devices and delivering the value-added services that ensure future success,” said Steven Offerein, Director, Business Development at F-Secure. “Service providers want the best-in-class solution but have challenges delivering the services individually. This collaboration makes it possible to roll out a new connected home security offering in weeks, not months.”

KAON’s Quantum Open Standard Platform enables service providers to seamlessly add new services. The App Store features a cross-section of services available through an open source-based license free platform.

“This joint proposition dramatically simplifies the process of rolling out connected home security through our platform,” said Carlos Santos, KAON’s Head of Products. “The containerization combined with a standards-based environment enables the fast time to market, scalability and long-term flexibility that service providers have been seeking.”

Incognito’s DX Auto Configuration Server solution ensures containerized services on the routers get installed, activated, and are easily updated so that F-Secure SENSE always provides best protection capabilities against the ever-changing threat landscape.

“Remote management is a foundational delivery mechanism that changes the game for service providers who want to maximize the value of routers by offering dynamic value-added solutions like connected home security and other virtualized applications for smart connected homes and Internet of Things (IoT) for enterprises,” said Pete Koat, Chief Operating Officer at Incognito. “Incognito’s solution comes with a set of features that make it easier for broadband service providers to enter the exciting new market of smart home services using USP. Even more importantly, it’s an enabler for future growth.”

F-Secure SENSE allows consumers to easily protect and easily manage the security of the internet-enabled devices in their home—from computers to smart TVs to baby monitors.

According to F-Secure’s Offerein, the partnership ties multiple critical services together into one simple deployment.

“Thanks to our co-operation with Kaon and Incognito, we’ve created an out of the box solution where every aspect of its lifecycle management has been considered. This covers everything from pre-integration, to launch, to keeping the SENSE solution always up-to-date. That’s the winning formula to deliver best protection and our award-winning security to consumers,” he said.

More information on F-Secure SENSE for service providers is available here: https://www.f-secure.com/us-en/partners/operators/solutions/connected-home-security.

F-Secure at the Broadband World Forum

F-Secure is appearing both physically (October 13-14 in Amsterdam) and virtually (October 11-15) at this year’s Broadband World Forum to help the telecommunications industry learn how they can help protect people online.

With over 200 operator partners across the globe, F-Secure is the telecommunications industry’s go-to source for consumer cyber security solutions. The company delivers award-winning connected home solutions customized for service providers through collaborations with multiple router vendors.

More information about F-Secure’s activities at the Broadband World Forum is available here: https://www.f-secure.com/en/partners/operators/bbwf-2021.


About KAON
KAON is a technology leader in Pay-TV, Broadband solutions, associated revenue-generating services, and home network devices including stand-alone managed Wi-Fi Access Point Routers, Wi-Fi Mesh Extenders, and Gateway devices featuring Mesh-compatible Wi-Fi combined with DOCSIS, PON, and DSL access network technologies. We ensure the connected home technology which enables consumers to simply change the way they experience entertainment and information within the home with the full line-up of innovative platforms and service solutions. KAON is well recognized by Tier 1 Operators in more than 90 countries. Headquartered in South Korea, KAON has global presence in over 24 countries including Germany, Norway, France, Spain, Netherlands, Australia, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Japan, and others.

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About Incognito
Incognito Software Systems Inc. provides service orchestration software and services that help digital service providers manage the next generation broadband experience. Over 200 customers worldwide, including Claro, Cox, Digicel, Globe, and Orange, leverage Incognito solutions to fast-track the introduction of innovative broadband services over fiber, cable, fixed wireless technologies, while delivering a great customer experience. The company is a division of the Lumine Group, a portfolio of Constellation Software Inc., the largest independent software company in Canada. Visit www.incognito.com or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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About F-Secure

F-Secure makes every digital moment more secure, for everyone. We deliver brilliantly simple, frictionless security experiences that make life easier for the tens of millions of people we protect and our 170 service provider partners. For more than 30 years, we’ve led the cyber security industry, inspired by a pioneering spirit born out of a shared commitment to do better by working together.

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