How to win in the
Smart Home space
with Consumer Security:
Protecting Consumers

A recent article published by Forbes  argues that “The Smart Home Will Be Built Around Services, Not Gadgets”. “While today’s smart homeowners know the joy that connected speakers, lights and locks can bring, it’s difficult to get them to work together in a way that’s ... well, smart.

A similar story can be told about securing today’s smart homes.

Consumers’ lives will keep filling up with internet connected devices. A recent study conducted by F-Secure found that consumers have around 6 internet-connected devices in their homes with an average of 5.3 devices globally. And while consumers worry about the online security of these devices, it’s difficult to get them to work together in a way that’s ... well, secure.

The only way to win with today’s consumers is by start by bringing security to a whole new level, focused around the quality of the consumer experience . This changes the entire way a smart home is secured.

In this webinar, our partners Windstream and Matanuska Telephone Association (MTA), share how they are bring consumer security to a whole new level with winning smart home security strategies.

Featured speakers

Neil N. Osam

Kinetic Product Management

Jonathan Babbitt

VP of Product, Marketing, Sales and Support

Listen to webinar recordings

About Windstream and Kinetic Secure

7 minutes

About MTA and MTA Shield

11 minutes

What do you think makes your company’s connected home & digital security offering unique?

5 minutes

How has COVID changed the way you keep your customers protected at home and on the go?

4 minutes

How have your new security and privacy services been received by your customers?

5 minutes

How does identity protection fit into your connected home security strategy?

4 minutes

How has your company transformed to offer new digital security products and services?

5 minutes

What do you see as the biggest challenges to securing the connected home?

5 minutes

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