How to secure the
connected home

Hackers have identified subscriber home networks as rich targets for malicious attacks. As a result, broadband service providers are looking at security in the CPE to protect their subscribers, network, and brand, and Wi-Fi router manufacturers want to differentiate their products with advanced security features.

In this special session with F-Secure and QA Cafe, you’ll learn about best practices for secure home gateway design and deployment throughout the product life cycle, and how security applications developed by experts and deployed on the CPE can help keep users safe in a hyper-connected world.

Featured speakers

Dmitri Vellikok

Director of Business Development, Americas

Jason Walls

Director of Technical Marketing
QA Cafe

Listen to webinar recordings

How to secure the connected home – QA Café and F-Secure Introductions

2 minutes


9 minutes

Threat Landscape Overview by F-Secure

12 minutes

Why target the connected home by QA Cafe

25 minutes

3-Layer Security Strategy by F-Secure

8 minutes

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