F-Secure Service Provider Webinar

How do criminals access our personal data and steal our identity? What security risks do we face as consumers when using online services?

Cyber crime continues to be a real concern, but the fraud and long-term damage that come from stolen identities seems to be what’s keeping consumers up at night. According to our extensive research, 69% of consumers are worried about someone hacking into their bank account and stealing money, and 55% are concerned about online shopping fraud. But, what can consumers, and you as Service Providers, do about it?

Service providers like ISPs, telco operators, insurance companies and banks have the opportunity to add value to their trusted consumer offerings with cyber security solutions while improving customer acquisition and retention.

In this webinar recording you will hear about:

  • How our poor password habits are feeding the growing threat of Account Takeover and Identity Theft
  • Consumer research insights: What security risks do we face as consumers when using online services? Which security threats are we worried about and fear the most, and what are we willing to pay for the protection?
  • Consumer protection as value driver: How can we all together help consumers feel safe and secure in their connected lives while driving value for your business with the trusted provider positioning?

Featured speakers


Timo Salmi

Senior Solution Marketing Manager

Olli Bliss

Manager, Business Development


Paula Al-Soufi

Director, Solution Offering

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