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13-15 October 2020

What strategies can Service Providers pursue to secure consumers' homes?

The global pandemic has reinforced in dramatic fashion the importance of our homes being a safe haven. Consumers want and need better and more secure connections, but their worries about the online security and privacy of their devices has grown. So they are turning to you -- their trusted service providers. How can connected home security relieve consumer worries and improve the value of your service?  

We believe that embedding security into routers is the simplest, most sensible solution to the complex challenge of securing connected homes. F-Secure will be present at Broadband World Forum once again, to showcase F-Secure SENSE connected home security solution, which combined with our endpoint protection provides one easy intuitive experience for your customers.

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Holistic Consumer Security from the leader in the service provider channel

Wherever they are and whatever device or network they use, consumers want one thing: To feel protected. To be protected. Without hassle.

A personalized, seamless security experience for your customers and their families is simple: A single app that lets them manage all their devices, both at home and on the go, in one place.

Extensive consumer research

Our research conducted earlier this year shows that consumers’ awareness about smart home cyber security is high. Consumers realize that their home Wi-Fi router could be used for hacking and their digital identities can be endangered through smart home devices. At the same time, consumers’ trust towards smart device manufacturers is alarmingly low, which is shown in the high willingness to pay for this type of security service. 

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  • The latest consumer behavior trends related to IoT devices 

  • How consumers perceive smart device security and privacy  

  • How you can take advantage of this exceptional business opportunity

F-Secure on stage at BBWF


The holistic paradigm shift for service providers

As the summit’s lead stream sponsor, F-Secure’s VP Business Development, Paul Palmer will be walking us through our latest updates in the connected home sphere: from Latest operator deployments to collaborations with router vendors and third party organizations. Join Paul on October 13th at 10:15 for a really engaging show including live Q&A!


Deploying real services in the connected home

F-Secure is also taking part in the Broadband Forum BASe “Deploying Real Services in the Connected Home” which will take place on October 13th at 13:00 CET. Business Development Director Dmitri Vellikok will be showcasing F-Secure’s work in the CPE container topic and why we think that this will become a key to quickly and easily add new customer-centric services.

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