F-Secure Expert level trainings

Become a trusted cyber security advisor

F-Secure’s instructor-led expert level trainings offer deep dives into security topics that highlight the capabilities of products and services in the F-Secure portfolio. The trainings are designed and hosted by skilled cyber security experts from F-Secure Labs, solution teams, cyber security consulting unit, and more.

F-Secure Expert Level Trainings are available for F-Secure Partners and their customers. Cost of training for partners depends on the partner tier in F-Secure's Global Partner Program. Successful completion of the training results in a 2-year certification of expertise.

Offered by the F-Secure College for Expertise, these trainings cover topics such as

  • security architecture
  • forensics and incident response
  • security assessment
  • phishing and behavior sciences
  • current threat landscape

Why join?

In this video, one of last year's attendees, Krister Pettersson from Telia Inmics-Nebula, talks about why they chose to attend F-Secure Expert Level Trainings and what was the value their organization gained from attending.

Upcoming trainings

F-Secure Training

09:00 - 16:00


Post Infection Threat Analysis

Upon completion of the Post Infection Threat Analysis training, you will have the basic technical skills needed to respond effectively to malware-related incidents. You will also be able to collect relevant Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) and write actionable reports based on the information.

F-Secure Partner Program

Protecting from cyber threats is never purely about technology. It also takes human expertise to predict, prevent, detect and respond to breaches. F-Secure Partner Program is built on the same idea – providing not just the latest technology, but a framework for cooperation, with our expertise supporting you in growing your business. You’ll protect your customers, with F-Secure behind you all the way.