Spam Recategorization

Spam, ham, or phishing? Sort out email messages into the right inbox.

Spam Classification

If you have email messages which were incorrectly classified by our spam scanner, we would like to receive a copy by email. Do note that the submitted messages must be sent to the right channel and meet the criteria listed below, else, they will be rejected by our automated systems.

For Spam

Spam messages which the spam scanner failed to filter.

For Ham

Legitimate, non-spam messages which were accidentally filtered as spam.

For Phishing

Spam that attempts to trick you into disclosing sensitive information.


Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express users

Create a new message for your submission, then drag the sample(s) from your inbox into the composition pane so they appear as attachments to the new message.

Messaging Security Gateway and Protection Service for Email users

Please use the feedback mechanism included in the products to report incorrect classifications. This guarantees that the samples are correctly submitted with all the required information.

Other email program users

We require the full headers of the email message to successfully process a submission; you may need to refer to your product documentation or publicly available sources for instructions on how to obtain the full headers of an email message using your email program.


  1. Create a new message for your submission and add your sample as an attachment to it. 
    • If you cannot attach the sample, collect them into a zip archive file named You may opt to password-protect the archive with the password "infected" (without the quotes).
    • Multiple samples of the same type can be sent as a single submission (i.e., do not mix spam and ham samples in the same submission).
  2. In the message, provide the of name the F-Secure product used and its version number.
  3. Submit the samples from a valid, live email address. In rare cases, we may need to reply to you if we have questions.

NOTE: Submissions are primarily handled by automated systems; if you wish to include comments related to the submission, they should be communicated to your designated support contact to ensure proper attention. Mention the support ticket ID in the Subject header of the sample submission.

General Terms

  • We accept only current messages which are completely unsolicited. Please do not submit old messages, joke messages, or emails from subscribed mailing lists.
  • For meaningful analysis, do not edit the message(s) in any way. They should be submitted with full headers and, if possible, in the message/rfc822 format.
  • Scam  or hoax emails such as Nigerian "419" spams are not "phishing", though we do appreciate receiving these as regular spam samples.
  • If you cannot share complete samples for privacy or contractual reasons, just the full headers are acceptable; but please understand that our analysis without the full message will be incomplete.
  • We assume no responsibility for any confidential information you may send us. If you send a message to us using this channel, our only guarantee is that it will not be released outside of our organization.