Business Customer Beta Programs

Interested in participating?

The Business Customer Beta Programs are intended for business users only. If you are a home user, you are welcome to participate in the Home User Beta Programs.

Beta Update Channels

F-Secure proudly offers our corporate users the opportunity to test the updated version of our scanning engines before they are released to the public.

To qualify, the updates must be distributed through F-Secure Policy Manager to the hosts running F-Secure corporate products or separate setup of the Internet Gatekeeper on Linux.


Typical testing environment

Hosts in the update should not be business critical, but they should be in active use.

A typical environment for testing the updates is as follows:

  • A separate F-Secure Policy Manager Server (the production Policy Manager should not be used)
  • Up to 10-20 centrally managed hosts communicating with the beta policy manager. Some examples of centrally managed clients:
    • F-Secure Client Security
    • F-Secure Anti-Virus for Servers
    • F-Secure Server Security
    • F-Secure Anti-Virus for Microsoft Exchange
    • F-Secure Email and Server Security
    • F-Secure Linux Security
  • A separate setup of Internet Gatekeeper for Linux

The systems can be installed in parallel to production, as a clone of production or specifically configured for daily use by a specific group of more technically experienced users or your internal IT department.

Setting up the environment requires manual reconfiguration of the F-Secure Policy Manager Server or the client. Instructions can be found at: Beta Update Channel Instructions.


Typical scenarios to monitor

The systems in beta should not exhibit abnormal or unexpected behavior compared to production systems. Similar system health checks should be available as in the normal production environments.

A typical environment for testing the updates is as follows:

Should you witness an increased number of crashes, false detections, reduced performance or other unexpected anomalies, please report them to F-Secure along with your feedback. Always remember to include F-Secure Support Tool (FSDIAG) report from the affected computer.

Instructions for creating an FSDIAG are available:

All feedback should be sent by email to. Your feedback is highly appreciated as it helps us to improve our products and releases prior to production release.