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Capital Markets Day

Capital Markets Day 2018

F-Secure Corporation hosts a Capital Markets Day in Helsinki on Wednesday, 28 November 2018.

During the day F-Secure's management will provide you with an update on the strategy, growth drivers and financial performance of F-Secure. We will also explain the significant opportunities presented by the acquisition of MWR InfoSecurity (announced in June 2018). At the event, you will have an opportunity to engage with the top management and familiarize yourself with F-Secure's products and services.



Capital Markets Day 2017

F-Secure Corporation hosted a Capital Markets Day for analysts and institutional investors in Helsinki on Wednesday, 22 November 2017.

The purpose of the day was to provide investors and analysts with an update on F-Secure's business, investments and strategy going forward. Presenters during the day included Leadership team members Samu Konttinen (CEO), Eriikka Söderström (CFO), Jyrki Rosenberg (EVP, Corporate Cyber Security), Jens Thonke (EVP, Cyber Security Services), and Kristian Järnefelt (EVP, Consumer Cyber Security). Other presenters included Chief Reseach Officer Mikko Hyppönen.


Threat landscape, Mikko Hyppönen (CRO)

F-Secure strategy, Samu Konttinen (CEO)

Corporate security, Jens Thonke (EVP) & Jyrki Rosenberg (EVP)

Consumer security, Kristian Järnefelt (EVP)

Financials, Eriikka Söderström (CFO)

Market and Strategy


The growing number and variety of connected devices as well as digital services continues to create security challenges for both businesses and individuals. Combined with the increasing complexity of IT systems, these trends are driving demand for security services. While advanced cyber attacks are becoming more common and persistent, criminals are targeting companies of all sizes along with consumers by taking advantage of vulnerabilities in popular software, traditional and new connected devices as well as online services. Apart from pure criminal activity, governments and hacktivists use vulnerabilities and malware e.g. for espionage and surveillance.

Attacks against corporations often go undetected for months, which fuels demand for products and services for incident detection and response, supplementing the endpoint protection market. Furthermore, as organizations are increasingly adopting cloud services, they seek managed security services and cloud-based delivery to help them maintain control of their security. In the long run, this trend is expected to shift investment away from on-premise security products, while new opportunities are emerging in securing the cloud platforms. Larger organizations also remain interested in securing their mobile device fleets.

The consumer security software market continues to be impacted by the changing device landscape, as well as the increasing significance of app stores and online sales overall. While the sales of traditional PC's have declined slightly, the number of connected smart home devices is growing very rapidly. This creates opportunities for innovative new security products. There are also opportunities to capture market share from the competition with traditional security products.

STRATEGY 2018–2021

The world is becoming digitalized and connected. Due to this, cyber-attacks and cyber-crime continue to be among the most critical challenges the world is facing. While the complexity and magnitude of problems increases, expertise is concentrating into a limited number of specialized security companies.

For three decades, F‑Secure has driven innovations in cyber security, defending tens of thousands of companies and millions of people. We are transforming from an endpoint protection company to a cyber security leader with a broader set of products and services.

F‑Secure's competitiveness is based on extensive experience in cyber security, and a unique combination of man and machine. Our extensive experience, knowledge and insight in cyber security, combined with our global intelligence network, smart software and cutting edge artificial intelligence makes us the perfect trusted cyber security partner for companies of all sizes as well as individuals. We are the proud security advisor to many of the world's largest and most demanding organizations e.g. in the banking, automotive and airline industries as well as the military and law enforcement sector. Our expertise is continuously developed, as we take on the toughest of assignments.

As F‑Secure seeks to accelerate growth, we continue to focus growth investments in corporate security. We provide best-in-class services and solutions to the mid-market, especially for customers seeking to buy prevention, detection and response as a service. We foresee the market moving towards managed endpoint security, and see especially strong growth in detection and response services. As we expand our product and service offering, we are also making it more integrated in order to offer efficient and comprehensive turn-key solutions to our customers and partners.

F‑Secure's corporate security products and services are sold through the channel. Our growing network of thousands of partners are key to our strategic expansion. F‑Secure's products are designed to be delivered from the cloud, and to support partners as they develop managed service provider business models. Ease of use both for end-customers as well as partners is critical aspect of all product design.

F‑Secure also provides a comprehensive set of digital Safety solutions to consumers, protecting their information, identities, devices, smart homes and families. F‑Secure is the world's leading provider of consumer security solutions through telecommunications operators. Together, we protect tens of millions of consumers and their digital lives. In consumer security, F‑Secure continues with its existing sales channels aiming at profitable growth.