Do I need an antivirus?

Most of us have heard the term, but is having antivirus on Mac or PC necessary? Read on to find out how top antivirus F‑Secure SAFE benefits you.

What does the best antivirus do?

The term antivirus is a bit dated, but we still use it broadly to describe something that protects your device from online threats. Antivirus or internet security works by acting as a kind of gate between your device and any data that it comes in contact with. It makes sure that the data that reaches your computer isn’t actually trying to harm you or steal your personal information.

The best antivirus does this by being reliable, by not slowing down your computer, and by having the most advanced technology at its disposal. F-Secure SAFE has all of these packed into its features, making it the easy choice for anyone wanting the world’s best computer protection.

Does antivirus protect against all threats?

As said before, the word antivirus actually covers many kinds of online threats. Viruses are files that you are tricked into downloading and opening, infecting your device. Antivirus detects when a file is harmful and blocks it. But viruses are not the only threats that a top antivirus app should protect you from in 2019.

A lot of threats facing your device these days are not related to what you download, but to your web browsing. As we handle more and more of our sensitive information while we browse the web, criminals trick us into giving away our private information. This is why the best antivirus apps like SAFE have Browsing Protection features, which automatically detect websites that try to harm you.

The best antivirus technology?

What really sets the world’s top antivirus apps like SAFE apart from others is the technology they use. Companies like F‑Secure have been making antivirus services for over 30 years, and have the technology to stop threats before they even reach your computer.

SAFE does this by using an advanced Security Cloud to scan each file you are attempting to download before it reaches your computer, giving you the best possible security online. Another technology, called DeepGuard, monitors your files in case another program tries to do something fishy with them, and stops the program before anything can happen.

3 reasons why SAFE is the antivirus you need

1. Peace of mind. With a top antivirus product, you can use your devices without worrying about every link you click and file you download.

2. It’s fast. Most antivirus apps slow down your device, making them seem like more trouble than they’re worth. SAFE has been designed to give you efficient protection without compromising convenience.

3. Award-winning technology. Powered by over 30 years of experience, SAFE has won multiple awards for its technology, including the 2018 AV-TEST award for best protection.

Protect your digital life with F‑Secure SAFE