Don’t fight alone, get Identity Theft Help

Identity theft can cost you money and time. To prevent that, you need to act fast. But do you know what to do? Identity Theft Help offers 24/7 personal assistance in minimizing the damage of identity theft.

Battle identity theft with help from experts

Identity Theft Help is part of F-Secure ID PROTECTION and F-Secure TOTAL. When you don’t know what to do, our experts will help you.

Online fraud prevention

Prevent identity theft and cyber fraud with advice and help from experts

Help specifically for your case

Get case-specific personal help and support until your situation is solved

Get the help you need

Authorize our experts to act on your behalf or get advice on how to minimize the damage

When to contact Identity Theft Help

Identity Theft Help will assist you, for example, with the following incidents:

  • when you get a data breach alert
  • someone has taken over your online account
  • someone is using your personal information for online purchases
  • someone has taken a loan in your name
  • you have given personal information to a suspicious caller
  • you have lost your passport, wallet, driver’s license, or some other critical document

Please note that F‑Secure customer support helps you with problems related to product installation, purchase, renewal, and use of the ID PROTECTION product.

How does Identity Theft Help work?

F-Secure ID PROTECTION alarms you if your personal details have been leaked online. This gives you time to avoid identity theft and fraud. Identity Theft Help offers guidance when you suspect that your personal details have been stolen or already misused.

Prevent further damage with 24/7 support

Our 24-hour call center offers advice on what you should do if your information has been leaked online. If ID PROTECTION alerts you of a leak, we will give you detailed information on what to do next.

Find out the scope of your situation

Not sure if you are a victim of identity theft? We’ll help you find that out from credit information companies, potential creditors, etc. The information clears out if an identity theft has occurred and whether it has resulted in financial fraud. You can also learn the extent of the financial fraud.

Get personal guidance until your case is solved

We won’t stop helping you until your case is solved. A designated personal advisor will help you from start to finish. We advise you on how to reduce the impact of identity theft and financial loss. With your permission we may also act on your behalf.

How do I contact Identity Theft Help?

Log into My F-Secure and go to Subscription to find the contact information for the service.

Where is Identity Theft Help available?

Identity Theft Help is available for F-Secure ID PROTECTION and F‑Secure TOTAL customers in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Support is provided in the local language.

Want to get Identity Theft Help?

Get Identity Theft Help by buying a subscription to either F‑Secure ID PROTECTION password manager or F‑Secure TOTAL cyber security package.