Make your browser incognito

Incognito is Italian for “unknown”. These days it often refers to the incognito mode in your Chrome browser. This is the same mode that Firefox and Safari call Private Browsing and Internet Explorer and Edge call InPrivate browsing.

All of these modes are fundamentally doing the same thing. While the mode is enabled, they don’t store cookies, browsing history, form data and web cache from one session to another.

Is that enough for being truly incognito? Hardly, because it doesn’t make you invisible on the web. Look at Chrome, it even reminds you of this.

Chrome Incognito Mode

When you turn on incognito mode on Chrome, it says: “Your activity might still be visible to: Websites that you visit, Your employer or school, Your Internet service provider”. Luckily, there is a way to be anonymous on the web.

Go truly incognito – use a VPN

When you browse the web, all activity can be tracked by whoever is providing you the internet connection. If they want, they can see every single site you connect to, even if the site is https encrypted. They still know you are contacting that site. In case of non-encrypted (http) sites they can see even more - every single page and everything you write in all forms, even all the files you send. 

Scary, isn’t it? Well, it gets worse. There’s also the other side – the site you are connecting to sees your IP address which can be used to identify you and where you are, often with surprising accuracy.

There is a way out. You can be anonymous when you use a VPN such as F-Secure FREEDOME VPN

When you turn on FREEDOME, two things happen. First, your traffic gets encrypted, which means no more snooping on what you do on the internet by whoever provides your connection. They only see that you are connected to a VPN and some encrypted traffic is going through the connection, but they have no idea what that traffic is.

Secondly, the sites you are connecting to don’t see your real IP address anymore, so they can’t use it to identify you or see your real location. They see only the VPN's IP address and location, both of which are shared by thousands of people, rendering you anonymous.

So if you want to be incognito, but for real, not just “incognito mode” in your browser, get a VPN and browse away.

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