How to hide your IP address and get anonymous

Your IP address can reveal a lot about you. It can reveal to web pages and online services you visit both where you are and who you are. Luckily, using a VPN helps you get anonymous and will hide your actual IP address.

IP address as your identifier

Your IP address shows where your device’s internet connection originates. The IP assigned to you by your internet service provider, or if you are connecting to someone else’s network, for example in a public WiFi, you appear to be browsing the web with their IP address.

Who can see your IP address?

Every service and web page you connect gets to know your IP address and to log it. Your browser’s incognito mode doesn’t do anything to protect you from this. Does this make you uncomfortable? Even if you don’t have anything to hide, it doesn’t feel too good.

Who can connect your IP address to you?

Luckily enough, not just anyone can check who has your IP address. If you’re connected through your internet service provider, they obviously know which IP they gave you. Law enforcement can also check the owner of the IP from the internet service provider if they have sufficient grounds to suspect illegal behavior.

Even though your personal information – apart from your location – couldn’t be looked up by just anyone, your identity can still be revealed. Once you have given your info by signing in, connecting your social profile, or filling in a form, your IP address and all that info is connected by whoever you gave it to. You need to trust that they don’t abuse that information or share it.

Hide your IP address by using a VPN

When using internet through a VPN such as F-Secure FREEDOME, your actual IP address is hidden from the sites and services you connect to and they see only that the traffic is coming from VPN’s address, which is shared with thousands of other anonymous people – rendering you anonymous, too.

Whoever provides your internet connection, sees only that you are connecting to VPN and transfer something encrypted back and forth. The site or service you are connecting sees only that somebody anonymous from the VPN’s IP address is connecting.

You can try FREEDOME VPN for free for 5 days – no credit card or even an email needed. See for yourself how your IP address changes and your location cannot be determined when you turn the VPN on.

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