Privacy on internet is constantly under threat. The vast possibilities that our networked society enables also have the downside that we can be tracked and identified when we are on internet. Luckily, there are ways to protect your privacy online, such as using a VPN.

Make your browser incognito

Make your browser incognito and browse without anybody snooping on you

Anonymous browser - how to get private and untracked

What does make a browser anonymous and what do I need to do to make my browser truly private?

How to be sure you have a private browser

A private browser – how to be sure?

How to encrypt your traffic

When you use a VPN, your internet traffic will become encrypted, so you’ll be private and untrackable and nobody can tamper with your traffic.

How to hide your IP address and get anonymous

Your IP address can reveal a lot about you. It can reveal to web pages and online services you visit both where you are and who you are. Luckily, using a VPN helps you get anonymous and will hide your actual IP address.

6 good reasons to use a VPN

If you are not using a VPN like F-Secure FREEDOME VPN yet, you should. Here are 6 excellent reasons why.

How to go incognito

How to go incognito on your Chrome / Firefox / Edge / IE / Safari

VPN vs. Tor

VPNs and Tor are used for similar reasons, yet they differ a lot. Both have their strengths. Find out which tool is right for the job.