How to check if my computer has a virus?

There are symptoms that your computer exhibits when infected with malware. The symptoms don’t necessarily mean that you have a virus, but having one or more warrants further inspection. 

When you want to be sure, the easiest and quickest way to check whether you have a virus or other malware is to run a full system scan with F-Secure Online Scanner

Note that the Online Scanner is not a replacement for a full internet security suite and we recommend you try one out – there is a free trial for F-Secure TOTAL available.

If you have a virus, refer to the instructions your security suite gives you or see our general malware removal instructions.

I got a message saying I have a virus and I should install a removal tool, is it real?

Very likely no. If you got a pop-up message saying you have a virus and that pop-up isn’t coming from your internet security suite, it is very likely a scam to lure you into installing some malware on your computer.

Whatever the message says, do not install anything it suggests – it is a trap! Instead, run a system scan on your internet security suite

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