Do I have a virus on my iPhone?

Your iPhone is your trusted companion in your digital life and online payments. Therefore it is an appealing target for hackers and malware creators.

iPhones are running the iOS operating system. Due to its closed nature, iOS has had a good track record on security. A good track record doesn’t mean that it is perfectly secure.

Traditional viruses spreading from one phone to another aren’t a notable threat on iOS. Other sort of malware – and other online threats – can affect iOS, though. 

Your privacy might be under attack even without a malware infection

Even the App Store approved applications on your iPhone might be a risk – not necessarily because of the app itself, but the data it collects. When your data is stored, there is always a risk that it can be leaked in a breach. You should limit this by making sure the app has permission only to what is necessary. The apps won’t have access to your location, camera, microphone, photo roll and so on, unless you explicitly grant that. Stay private and consider carefully who you let access your private data.

Did you jailbreak your iPhone?

Some users don’t appreciate the closed nature of the iOS ecosystem and open up their phones by jailbreaking them. Then you are able to install software from other sources than Apple App Store. This enables you to install non-approved software, which might also include malware.

If you are a security conscious user or aren’t an expert user, we cannot recommend jailbreaking your iPhone. Additionally, it is illegal in many countries.

Is your phone showing symptoms of a malware infection?

Even if it is rare, it is possible for an iOS device to have malware in it. Look for unexpectedly crashing apps, odd data usage or popups in Safari.

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Stay safe from malware by installing an internet security suite such as F-Secure TOTAL

If you have malware on your phone, it is recommended to factory reset the device and return the app data from backups, and to only use App Store for installing applications.

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