How to remove malware on an iPhone

If you have found out that your iPhone or iPad has malware on it, you will definitely want to remove it. A good first step is getting an internet security suite such as F-Secure TOTAL. You can try the complete version for free. 

These instructions assume you are on an iOS device. If your computer has malware, check the guides for Mac and if you are on Windows, refer to F-Secure Labs’ instructions.

Viruses, trojans, worms and other traditional malware on iOS

Your phone is a trusted device, with which you access to all your social media accounts, email, banking and much of what is important in your life. This makes it a prime target for hackers and other online criminals. 

Even though iPhone and iPad malware is rare, it still exists. Despite the prime threat not being traditional viruses, other malware exists, especially on iOS apps installed from suspicious sources and web-based threats.

To keep secure from malware and other online nuisances, it is recommended to use a secure browser such as the SAFE browser found in F-Secure TOTAL

Jailbroken iPhones

Some iPhone users break the protection of their devices (commonly referred as “jailbreaking”) to be able to install software from unofficial sources. Even though this enables getting software that is not available in App Store, it also exposes the device to many threats, as Apple’s App Store vetting process won’t protect you anymore.

If you have jailbroken your iPhone, the best course of action is to back up your working files and restore your iPhone to factory settings. We don’t recommend jailbreaking your device unless you take caution and are absolutely sure of what you are doing.

Misbehaving apps

Even though iOS App Store has a vetting process for apps, there is a possibility that some applications might not work as intended due to either user’s choices or deliberate actions by the developer. 

Some applications, even though they aren’t malware as such, might leak more info than you are ready to give out. Do you really want all those applications to access your photos, location information, microphone and so on? Check Settings for the apps you are concerned about and see which rights you have given the application. 

After getting cleaned

When you have secured your phone, update your iOS and applications to the latest versions to make sure you don’t leave any vulnerabilities open.

Make sure you will stay protected with F-Secure TOTAL. You can try it 30 days for free. 

If you connect to public WiFi with your phone, do not browse insecurely. You can stay secure only by using a VPN, such as F-Secure FREEDOME VPN, that is included in the F-Secure TOTAL suite.

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