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These articles help you stay safe and private on internet and make your devices more secure.


Privacy on internet is constantly under threat. The vast possibilities that our networked society enables also have the downside that we can be tracked and identified when we are on internet.


Malware is defined as any software that is designed to harm computers, phones, tablets or networks.

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How to be sure you have a private browser

A private browser - how to be sure?

How to go incognito

How to go incognito on your Chrome / Firefox / Edge / IE / Safari

Make your browser incognito

Make your browser incognito and browse without anybody snooping on you

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How to remove malware

Getting hit by malware could happen to anybody. Here's what to do if you get infected.

How to remove malware on a Mac

This is what you need to do if your Mac gets infected

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Malware on your Android? This is how you get rid of it.

How to remove malware on an iPhone

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