How to remove malware on Android and iPhone?

If you think that your iPhone or Android has malware on it, you will definitely want to remove it. Here’s how you do it.

How to remove malware on Android and iPhone?

Malware for Android and iOS devices usually is an app that does things you really don’t want it to. Typically, malware on phones either shows you lots of ads, or spies on your actions. While this is bad already, some malware can also send expensive SMS messages and encrypt your device for ransom.

The easiest way to remove it is simply uninstalling the app. The tricky part is to detect the unwanted actions and which app is causing them. Especially Android devices can also have malware that can’t be just deleted like a normal app. To detect and remove this kind of malware from your phone you need an antivirus for Android.

Do you need antivirus for your Android or iPhone?

The best way to be free of malware is to prevent infection. Antivirus for phones is the best way to do this. Despite rumors, malware for mobile devices exists. Phones are prime targets for hackers, because they are used to access all social media accounts, email, banking and other important things. This is why antivirus for Android and iOS devices are necessary.

Can you download malware from appstores?

Official appstores have vetting processes to catch malicious apps. While rare, every now and then malicious apps get through these processes. Additionally, some applications might not work as expected due to either user’s choices or deliberate actions by the developer.

Some applications leak more info than you are ready to give out, blurring the line between malware and legitimate application. It’s a good habit to consider what permissions you grant to any app. Do you really want the applications and their developers to have access to your photos, location information, microphone and so on?

How do you get malware on your phone?

You can get malware from unsafe Wi‑Fi networks, unofficial appstores, email attachments and malicious websites. Sometimes malicious apps get through the vetting processes and are available even on official appstores.

Do you want to protect your Android and iPhone from malware?

Malware for Android and iPhones is increasing as more things are done through mobile devices. To stay safe, get the best mobile anti­virus, the award-winning F‑Secure SAFE. It protects your phone from threats, and you can get it on your computer as well.

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