The Rising Tide

Consultant research team: William Knowles, Dr David Chismon, and James Moore
February, 2017

This whitepaper covers the dangers of credential theft and what can be done to tackle the problem.

Methods of obtaining user credentials are becoming increasingly sophisticated while at the same time the difficulty in conducting such thefts has become easier.

This paper draws on the expertise of both MWR and phishd to cover the ways in which external attackers are obtaining credentials and the steps you can take to mitigate the risks.

"The Rising Tide: Why credential phishing and abuse is more dangerous than ever" will be of interest to the following professionals:

  • CISOs/CIOs
    who need to understand the evolving threat of phishing campaigns in order to ask the right questions of their security teams.
  • Security Managers
    who need to understand the dangers of credential abuse and how to protect their organizations against it.
  • Business Managers
    who need to know what measures can be put in place to combat the threat to individuals - be that better password management, secure architecture design, monitoring of credential dumps or security awareness training.
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