Prioritized testing: How to secure your estate and focus spend on real threats

Prioritizing the assets in your estate can help you target the high-risk threats most likely to impact business continuity. This can be achieved through a simple workflow, making it especially useful to organizations where the estate isn’t well mapped or understood.

When security testing is scoped according to risk and impact in the context of critical assets and attacker behaviors, it can be prioritized. The tools, services, and other technologies most in need of testing, are given preference over those whose compromise would not immediately pose a threat to business continuity.

Our new article outlines the framework for asset prioritization developed and used by our own consultants. Though universally effective, we’ve seen the framework impact those organizations most where there is poor visibility of the estate. 

  • Highlight the assets most in need of testing and remediation
  • Improve effectiveness of security spend
  • Accelerate the remediation process
  • Streamline resource
  • Demonstrate proof of impact to stakeholders around the business

This article is essential reading for security consultants, risk management teams, and compliance specialists. Download your ungated copy today.

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