Incident readiness: preparing a proactive response to attacks

Joani Green, Incident Response Consultant
October, 2020

Incident readiness is being and working to continually be prepared for a compromise. It is both a measurable state and a set of actions, and one of many activities to help organizations build cyber resilience*: the ability to maintain business continuity notwithstanding unforeseen, and increasingly more complex, malicious incidents.

Organizations with a readiness baseline are better able to avoid reactive incident response, which both increases risk and impede their (and their IR partners’) ability to perform effectively. Readiness is also a means to streamline costs, quantify spend, and improve cross-departmental collaboration.

In this whitepaper

This paper compares the incident response efforts of two organizations side-by-side to demonstrate the influence of readiness. The stories are based on real-world engagements to help readers draw their own informed conclusions.

It will help readers:

  • Shift from a reactive to a proactive mindset

  • Consider incremental changes to lower the impact of a compromise

  • Perform their role in an investigation more effectively, and get better results from their IR partner

  • Align frontline technical and board-level priorities, so that security and IR become a company-wide effort

  • Create a baseline so that further meaningful detection and response improvements, and a greater security posture, can be achieved to improve cyber resilience


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