F-Secure Armory Drive

Keep your data safe, in the palm of your hand

F-Secure Armory Drive is an encrypted storage solution that provides the convenience of a USB drive without compromising on protection. Developed for the  USB armory – the world’s smallest secure-by-design computer – F-Secure Armory Drive protects the encryption keys to your data, even when accessed from unknown or compromised devices.

How it works

F-Secure Armory Drive is as easy to use as other USB drives but adds encryption and multifactor authentication to help safeguard your data.

  1. Plug your F-Secure Armory Drive USB armory into your computer. 
  2. Use F-Secure Armory Drive's iPhone app to unlock your microSD card inside the USB armory. 
  3. Access your decrypted data just like you would with any other USB drive.

Why choose F-Secure Armory Drive

  • Encrypt (AES) an unlimited number of microSD cards, providing unrestricted secure storage capability through one device
  • Runs on any desktop or laptop without additional drivers or software
  • Combination of multifactor authentication and full-disk encryption protects data on lost or stolen units
  • Out-of-band unlock with authenticated, encrypted Bluetooth session prevents exposure of encryption keys, even to compromised or untrusted computers
  • Control multiple units from a single mobile device
  • First-ever production use of Google’s transparency framework for firmware authentication


For organizations/OEMs:

Businesses, OEMs, and resellers can place bulk orders for USB armory units with F-Secure Armory Drive firmware pre-installed.

For individuals:

New USB armory orders can be placed with F-Secure Foundry’s reseller partners.

Current USB armory owners can download F-Secure Armory Drive firmware here for free.


Accreditations & Certificates

F-Secure Consulting (F-Secure Cyber Security (Pty) Ltd) is a level 4 contributor to B-BBEE with a procurement recognition level of 100%. Learn more and download our B-BBEE certificate. Click here to read the press release.

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