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Webcast: Incident readiness: reduce the risk and cost of incident response

Released on September 15 2020

“There are organizations that are spending a ton on cyber security and they have very bad risk postures. There are others that are not spending very much but they have very good risk postures. The bottom line is—it’s about their level of readiness.” Paul Proctor, VP, Gartner.

In the current threat landscape, no organization is immune from attack. Rather than “if”, it is a matter of “when” it will be compromised. Join Gary Porcas and Joani Green, consultants from F-Secure’s incident response (IR) team as they explain how and why to prepare. The webcast will focus on the outcomes of real attack, through the preparations made and decisions taken by the target organization.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why to focus on the preparation phase of the IR lifecycle before all others
  • How a strong incident readiness baseline lowers risk, reduces costs, and helps you (and your IR partner) confidently and effectively contain and remediate incidents
  • How incident readiness affects your relationships with customers, clients, and partners
  • The reactive decisions that we have seen increase damage during an incident, and how different outcomes could have been achieved


Joani Green
UK Incident Response Team Lead

Originally from the consulting team in South Africa, Joani is now the IR team lead for F-Secure Consulting UK. Joani is known for her skills in Incident Response and Digital Forensics, with demonstrable experience on large-scale incidents. Her current research focus is cloud technologies, Linux forensics, and data visualization in Python.

Gary Porcas
Senior Security Consultant

Gary has over 16 years of cybersecurity experience, spending a large proportion of his career within UK law enforcement. He has held a number of cyber-related positions at the National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU) at the National Crime Agency.  In between his time as a consultant and in law enforcement, he worked as a cyber security trainer for a short time, and has an MSc in Cyber Forensics & Investigations from University College Dublin.

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