Webinar Series

The Briefing 2020

May - June 2020

Take part in a season of future-focused presentations and discussions. If you would like to be invited to our next Briefing, please visit our Briefings page

Together, we’re moving towards a new global paradigm, learning and adjusting to an unfamiliar normal. With adjustment comes change. The need to think in new ways has become fundamental to the way we do business. Effective cyber security has always been about being ahead of the attacker, and our upcoming Briefing has been curated around areas of security that will be pivotal in coming years.

This series is designed to help security leaders adopt a state of resilience that’s permanently ready for transformation – focusing on the deployment of both existing resource and future investment.

Rather than our usual one-day event, we’ll be delivering live, interactive 45 minute sessions over five weeks.

What to expect

  • New ways of thinking to guide your security strategy
  • Technical and business-related recommendations on how to predict, prevent, detect, and respond
  • Examples of tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) being used by modern attackers, as seen in our recent engagements
  • Exclusive access to our latest R&D, with advice on how it can be used in your organization
  • Ample Q&A time to engage consultants in discussions about your most complex security challenges.
Our Briefing series has now concluded. You can now watch the recordings on demand

F-Secure Webinar

17 Jun 2020

11:00 and 16:00 BST

Continuous Assurance - with John Fitzpatrick

This different approach to security provides greater and more relevant visibility, reduces costs, and ensures better informed and prioritized security efforts. Delegates will:

  • Understand how a continuous approach can provides greater and more relevant visibility, reduces costs and ensures better informed and prioritized security efforts
  • Learn from our own experiences of shifting assurance activities into a continuous model

F-Secure Webinar

10 Jun 2020

11:00 and 16:00 BST

Decentralized Response: How to Respond to and Recover from Incidents With a Remote-Working Team - with Matt Lawrence and John Rogers

Incident Response (IR) is being decentralized as teams worldwide settle into a future of partial of total remote working. Learn from the outcomes of recent IR engagements to define best pratice for your organization.

  • Learn directly from the experience of our Incident Responders and clients
  • Anonymously ask us anything about the challenges you're facing now

F-Secure Webinar

03 Jun 2020

11:00 and 16:00 BST

Security Awareness Data - a Goldmine - with Riaan Naudé

You can use the data obtained from awareness campaigns to identify risk throughout your environment, focusing the work of your analysts. Delegates will learn:

  • How to maximize the utility of awareness data
  • How to improve cohesion between often disparate awareness and security teams
  • Effective risk reduction

F-Secure Webinar

27 May 2020

11:00 and 15:00 BST

Cloud-Native Security at Scale - with Nick Jones

Learn how to architect business-wide cloud adoption to support the prevention and detection of security incidents in your organization. Delegates will learn:

  • How the security of your cloud environment extends beyond the cloud resources deployed
  • The common cloud breach scenarios exploited in client engagements
  • How architecting business-wide cloud adoption can support the prevention and detection of security incidents

F-Secure Webinar

20 May 2020

11:00 and 16:00 BST

External Asset Mapping - with Calum Hall

Organizations need to identify the known gaps visible within their perimeter, but also those risks that they haven’t yet even thought of – External Asset Mapping helps them do both. Delegates will learn:

  • A number of techniques used to discover an organisation’s perimeter based assets 
  • How the perspective of your organisation’s perimeter can change considerably through undertaking this exercise
  • Real-world examples where this method has been exploited by attackers


Calum Hall

Calum is a consultant in the offensive security team at F-Secure Consulting. Calum’s attention over recent years has been towards perimeter-based security, with his latest research focused on macOS security and understanding how common setups can be abused during offensive engagements.

Nick Jones
Cloud Security Lead

Nick Jones is a senior security consultant at F-Secure Consulting, where he has delivered a range of assessment types for clients  for the past five years. Nick currently leads F-Secure's cloud security team, in addition to developing and delivering attack detection services. His research time is spent developing tools and techniques for assessing, exploiting and defending cloud deployments. Nick currently holds AWS Certified Security Specialty and OSCP certifications.


Riaan Naudé
Managing Director, Phishd

Originally from South Africa, Riaan has over a decade of experience working in cyber security. His career flourished in the financial sector before he found his true passion: consultancy. He has since brought his breadth of information security knowledge to the UK and the US.


Matt Lawrence
Director of Detection and Response

Matt is a motivated and accomplished leader in IR and MDR. He carries over a decade of experience managing investigations in the finance, commercial, defense, and higher education sectors across the world. During his career, he has spearheaded the development of global security services and led research & development into several new attack detection techniques.


John Rogers
Senior Incident Response Consultant

As part of our global IR team, John has been involved in several high profile security incidents over the past year and enjoys the unique challenges that he is faced with each incident. His previous research involved performing Linux Forensics at scale which he presented at the SANS DFIR Summit 2019 in Prague. He is currently working on standardising our Containment and Eradication strategies for clients dealing with live attackers on the network.


John Fitzpatrick
Innovation Director

John is the Innovation Director at F-Secure Consulting having joined MWR in 2006 as an intern. John has worked with some of the largest organisations globally across multiple industry sectors and is continually pushing to drive the industry forward with new initiatives. He has contributed research, tooling and security advice to industry and is a frequent speaker at security conferences.


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