The Briefing

Our Briefings events enable us to serve the security community on a larger scale. They deliver research-backed solutions and guidance, and open up conversations critical to the future of the industry. 

A different breed of event

The challenges and aspirations of infosec practitioners lie at the heart of the Briefings. These events help them identify what can be done better, find their own practical solutions, and distribute this intelligence throughout their organization. 

Presentations are designed and delivered by practicing consultants, and contain insights gathered via their research and direct work with clients. The chosen settings and format invite open, solution-focused conversation between professionals, client and consultant side. 

What to expect

  • New ways of thinking Be the first to hear about the emerging tactics, tools, and techniques needed to face modern adversaries.
  • Stories from the battlefield Learn from the successes and failures of organizations that have grappled with threats and obstacles you too know well.
  • Quality and clarity Experience content rigorously curated to serve concise, relevant, and actionable insights.
  • A space for equals Network with other skilled professionals whilst discussing your security challenges with our consultants in a comfortable, discrete setting.

Where to attend

We currently host Briefings in London, Helsinki, Johannesburg, New York City, and Copenhagen. Want to see us in your city? Email for more information.

"Due to an ever-increasing schedule, I have fewer opportunities to attend events and briefings. As a consequence, the F-Secure briefings have become my ‘must do’ to attend, as you can always be relied upon to deliver. Genuinely informative, always relevant, and filters out the noise."

Security Analyst, leading investment bank

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