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SANS DFIR Europe Summit September 2019

Monday, September 30 2019

Prague, Czech Republic

Some of the greatest minds in digital forensics and incident response are coming together to deliver talks, share research, and provide training at the SANS DFIR Summit in Prague.

Joani Green and John Rogers, Information Security Consultants at MWR, will be talking about Linux. From their talk, ‘Performing Linux investigations at scale’, you’ll learn:

  • Which artefacts are of forensic importance on Linux

  • How to collect them using a bash script

  • How to parse them into a professional report using Latex

This is just one of many talks that will take place on September 30th, with others covering a wide range of topics - from memory smearing to managing major incidents. There’s even a live demo on Apple watch forensics.

By attending the event, you can:

  • Discover the latest research and development

  • Get insight and knowledge from industry experts

  • Leave with clear steps on how to solve a range of problems

The SANS DFIR summit is considered a must for those working in the industry. Visit their website to register and be sure to check out Joani and John’s talk at 15:10-15:45.

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