Software Updater

Patch management for all business endpoints

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Identify and patch third-party software

Software Updater scans computers for missing software updates, and keeps Windows and third-party applications up to date and patched from vulnerabilities. It offers automatic deployment and also the possibility of exclusions and manual deployment.

  • Scans and reports missing updates for third-party software and deploys security updates automatically
  • Installation of missing updates and patch management for Windows and 3rd party products
  • Periodically downloads the definition files, including information about software updates
  • Compares these to what software is installed and identifies missing updates
  • Allows you to define exclusions for the automatic mode based on software names or bulletin IDs
  • Exclusions can be filtered out in the console interface to avoid clutter
  • Software Updater Proxy allows you to reduce Internet traffic by caching software updates

4 out of 5 cyber-attacks on businesses come from bugs in outdated software, and most malware could be avoided with up-to-date software.


Patch management is a key security element

Keep your business security seamless and avoid the gaps in business protection with Software Updater. In addition to Windows updates, it also provides automatic patch management for third-party software.


  • Keeps the system secure against known vulnerabilities
  • Integrated in our security software, so you get everything for a transparent and affordable package price
  • Saves you time by keeping up with new security updates, allowing you to easily deploy patches

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