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Effective detection & response

Countercept is a threat-driven service designed to be effective in the 'grey area' where legitimate activity masks malicious intent. We respond to incidents in minutes - and resolve most of them within hours.

Peacetime value

Countercept provides security insights that support continuous security posture improvement. We help you improve your security and meet compliance obligations.

True partnership

We act as an extension of your security team, giving you unmetered access to our experts, sharing our threat hunting expertise, addressing queries and helping your team develop.

7 reasons why the probability of a high-impact cyber incident has never been higher


Criminals have industrialized


Criminal supply chains sell access as a service, and providers make it easy to get into the ransomware game.


Attackers now use nation state tools


Supports our unique approach of using using our offensively-trained threat hunters to defend networks.


The average cost of a data breach in 2020 was $3.86 million


That’s not counting the fines for data loss – Marriot and British Airways both faced $100 million fines for GDPR violations as the result of a breach.


It’s not just data that goes missing in a breach


40% of the cost of a data breach comes from loss of business.


Every organization is now a target


Attacks like that on Solarwinds compromise multiple organizations – in this case over 18,000 – creating massive collateral damage.


Ransomware continues to grow as a threat


Increasingly sophisticated attacks are taking place at mammoth scale and pace.


Many organizations can now detect – but not respond


Incident Response teams are often brought in too late to respond – instead they are left to pick up the pieces and perform recovery, not response.


Cyber Threat
Organized criminal groups, guns for hire or nation state actors now automate scanning for vulnerable infrastructure.

Your infrastructure
F-Secure MDR can monitor Windows, MacOS and Linux endpoints, detect in the cloud and investigate logs.

F-Secure xDR platform
F-Secure’s xDR platform provides excellent visibility of endpoints, users, logs, network infrastructure and cloud platforms.

Countercept D&R team
F-Secure’s Detection & Response Team (DRT) investigates and responds security alerts within minutes - before they become costly incidents.

Customer and True positive finding
Our DRT and Incident Response teams use the same technology platform and work closely together – meaning handoffs are seamless and well-practiced.

Peacetime Value
When not hunting threats or responding to incidents in your estate, our team delivers regular insight and suggestions on how to harden your defenses.

Our unmatched combination of F‑Secure xDR, heavyweight research and combined Detection and Response and Incident Response teams works together to protect you from sophisticated threats.

CyberThreat Your infrastructure Windows, MacOS &Linux Agents Cloud Detection Log Investigation Hunt Engine User BehaviourAnalytics Detection Rules F-Secure XDRPLATFORM Threat Hunting & Research 24/7 Detection &First Response Team Incident Response CounterceptD&R Team ThreatHunting Alert Peacetimevalue Truepositivefinding Customer


Consistently effective in MITRE evaluations

Strong threat visibility across all three evaluations shows F‑Secure consistently identifies threats – and has the capability to respond conclusively.

NPS growth of 124% since launch

Incidents demand clear communication and prompt action, but good preparation is also vital. Our customers' experience reflects our ability to do this.

Consistently recognized for outstanding service

Net Promoter Score (NPS): 51
Customer Effort Score (CES): 89%
Customer satisfaction (CSAT): 4.6/5–4.7/5
Survey: June-July 2021

30 years of true partnership

Working to solve technology problems since 1988 – a year before the birth of the World Wide Web. Launched first heuristic virus scanner in 1991.

Proprietary XDR platform

In-house expertise and in-house development of systems, from Detection all the way through to Incident Response.

Gartner Peer Insights, April 9th, 2021
F-Secure received a rating of 5 stars from the reviewer.

A case for Human over AI-provided security services

“I have a very close and interactive relationship which helps ensure that coverage, investigations and future roadmap developments are kept current and secured. The insights provided and their willingness to engage to help better analyse the data has proved exceptionally helpful to understanding our risks and remediations."

- Security and Risk Management, Services Industry

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100% success rate

Time to value Months Days
Logs consumed per month Billions Millions
Alerts per month 100,000s 1,000s of relevant alerts

Alerts investigated by expert



Investigation time

<1 minute

As long as necessary

Solution efficacy (% of actions that produce
a desired result)



Responder profile


Threat hunter

Responder experience

2 years - defensive

5 years - offensive

Responder churn



Our latest insights

Threat highlights report

Insights from the cyber threat landscape - courtesy of F-Secure Countercept's own Threat Intelligence team.

First Response and the Moment of Truth

Our report identifies a significant window of opportunity for responders to stop a modern attack in its tracks and how to build this capability – and hear firsthand from Detection and Response and Incident Response professionals.

Chaos, order and risk: how organizations can tackle ransomware

This article outlines how organizations can use common Intelligence and Threat Intelligence tools and methodologies to accurately calculate the probability and risk of a successful ransomware attack – and establish a qualitative risk assessment for your organization.

The CISO's new dawn

Our report, The CISO’s New Dawn, drew on the collective experiences of 28 CISOs across the US, UK and Europe about how 2020 changed their working lives - and how 2021 will be very different.

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