Policy Manager

Manage and control your business security

Scalable centralized security management for all organizations

The best business security software consists of layered protection that's easy to manage and control. Policy Manager, the central management tool for F-Secure Business Suite, offers advanced, on-site endpoint security management features for demanding IT environments, combined with automation. You can manage all your security applications in one place, define and distribute security policies, monitor your company's overall security, and control end-user behavior in the company network.

  • Keep all levels of the IT infrastructure safe with automated updates
  • Centrally define and distribute security policies, and monitor your company's overall security
  • Manage both physical and virtual environments with one tool
  • Control web access to protect your network and improve productivity
  • Block certain content from unknown sites and deny external control of compromised assets
  • Allow end-users to conduct online banking and other business-critical transactions securely
  • Reduce network traffic and increase scalability with F-Secure Proxy
  • Automate patch management with Software Updater

Policy Manager is designed to give you control over all layers of your IT security. This makes security management both easy and flexible.


Automation is the key to security and efficiency

Policy Manager offers an easier, smarter way to manage IT security in one place - it is the nerve center of F-Secure Business Suite.

It is a highly scalable, automated central security management tool that provides superior control over demanding IT environments.

  • Advanced management features even for complex environments
  • Easy control of all IT assets and user tasks for enhanced security
  • Reduced administration due to automation of daily operations
  • Shared management tool for physical, virtual, mixed, and hybrid environments
  • Security management from endpoints to gateways
  • SECURITY MANAGEMENT Manage security settings and customize security profiles
  • CENTRAL DEPLOYMENT Push the installation of updates
  • F-SECURE PROXY Significantly reduce network traffic
  • ACTIVE DIRECTORY SYNCHRONIZATION Automatically synchronize with Active Directory
  • MYSQL SUPPORT Scale your database support for improved reporting, monitoring and backups
  • SECURITY MONITORING View the overall security status at a glance and create detailed reports
  • REPORTING Get scheduled reporting per domain
  • MANAGEMENT HIERARCHY Define admin views and management rights
  • SYSLOG SUPPORT Forward alerts to a third-party Syslog and SIEM servers
  • SOFTWARE UPDATER Keep Windows® and third-party software patched and up to date
  • DEVICE CONTROL Prevent malware infections via USB
  • WEB CONTENT CONTROL Improve security and productivity by controlling access to websites
  • CONNECTION CONTROL Boost security for sensitive activities like online banking
  • ADVANCED PROTECTION Gain advanced protection against selected file types from unknown sites
  • BROWSING PROTECTION Ensure safe and efficient online work
  • BOTNET BLOCKER Stop external control of compromised assets, block ransomware and advanced persistent threats
  • SERVER MANAGEMENT Centrally manage server security and gain a detailed view of the security and status
Security Management

Central Security Control

Administrators can distribute security policies from Policy Manager to manage endpoint security for workstations individually or in groups. At the same time, digital signatures ensure update integrity.

  • Manage security settings centrally
  • Create and customize individual security policies
  • Assign individualized policies to any computer or group of computers
  • Undertake multiple concurrent admin sessions
  • Define what settings and features end users are allowed to change
F-Secure Proxy

Control F-Secure Database Updates

F-Secure Proxy offers an easy way to control database and software updates. F-Secure Proxy allows you to:

  • Significantly reduce network traffic
  • Increase scalability by distributing the load from Policy Manager to Proxy servers
  • Control and distribute signature updates and third-party software updates
  • Support one or more Proxy instances as configured in the policy
Software Updater

Automatic Patch Management

Over 80% of cyber-attacks occur as a result of outdated software. Software Updater keeps your software and Windows up to date automatically. Since it's integrated, you can easily avoid attacks based on known vulnerabilities.

  • Scan computers for missing software updates, keeping Microsoft Windows operating systems and programs as well as third-party applications patched against vulnerabilities
  • Centrally define and distribute security policies, and monitor your company's overall security
  • Define exclusions to automatic mode based on software names or bulletin IDs
  • Filter out exclusions from the console interface to avoid clutter
  • Proxy software updates to minimize internet traffic
AD Synchronization

Automatically Syncronize With Active Directory

Policy Manager can now automatically synchronize with Active Directory, discovering changes in the Active Directory structure and finding unmanaged hosts.

  • Automatically keep the domain tree in Policy Manager synchronized with Active Directory
  • Notify administrator when finding any unmanaged hosts
  • Support for multiple Active Directory servers
Web Content Control

Boost Security And Productivity

Web Content Control enables you to restrict unproductive and inappropriate Internet usage and manage what web content users are allowed to access from the company network.

  • Reduce productivity losses, bandwidth consumption, and legal risks associated with inappropriate web content
  • Enforce website restrictions in content categories predefined in Policy Manager
  • Improve security with an extra layer of protection
Connection Control

Safe Online Business Transactions

Connection Control prevents banking Trojans from sending sensitive information to online criminals. It does this by automatically closing network connections to unknown sites and preventing new ones during business-critical actions such as online banking. You can enable Connection Control to sites that support HTTPS.

  • Improve security through controlled and safe access to business-critical assets
  • Protect the web browser, the weakest link in business-critical sessions
  • Only allow connections to sites that are verified as safe by F-Secure when banking online or performing other sensitive actions
  • Prevent financial loss due to theft of online banking credentials
  • Prevent business secrets from being stolen through cloud-based CRM access
Advanced Protection

Block Selected Content From Unknown Sites

Web Traffic Scanning Advanced Protection enables you to block certain content from unknown sites, ensuring that employees can work safely and efficiently online.

  • Block content like Flash, Silverlight, Executables, Java, and ActiveX components on unknown sites
  • Block 100% of Java applets from untrusted sources, as well as Windows malware
  • Whitelist trusted sites
  • With Botnet Blocker, you can prevent network activity relating to known botnets by blocking Domain Name Server (DNS) queries on the host level

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