F-Secure Software Security Services

Real-time visibility and continuous support for secure software and Privacy by Design

Does avoiding security and privacy risks in your software development process sound appealing? What if you could get real-time evidence of security activities in your development teams? Would your data protection officer appreciate being able to verify how your teams are doing at GDPR compliance? 

We bring visibility into the activities of your service design, product management, agile and DevOps teams. We provide both process consultation and technical security assistance for software development and service design, or whenever your developers require specific skills in security and data protection.


  • Bring continuous and real-time visibility to security and privacy compliance
  • Create more secure products from the very beginning
  • Improve your development teams' security expertise

F-Secure helps you improve your software development processes so you can gain continuous visibility and auditability to security and privacy activities. We provide both process consultation and technical security assistance for software development, with a mix that is always customized according to your exact requirements. 

Process improvement strives to make required security and privacy work visible, and helps ensure product management will take security requirements into consideration. Our approach empowers your agile and DevOps teams to build secure software without affecting the lean aspects of modern software development. You'll gain auditable security assurance in the world of continuous delivery and deployment. 

Whenever your developers require assistance, whether for threat modeling, definition of security features, design or code review, or definition of security test cases, our Software Security services are ready to provide support according to your priorities and preferences. We also provide security testing and privacy impact assessment.

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