F-Secure Payment Card Industry Data Security

Is your company completely PCI DSS compliant? If not, let F-Secure help

As a Payment Card Industry Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV), F-Secure can help your organization achieve PCI DSS compliance regardless of your starting point. In addition to providing compliancy assessment, F-Secure also offers guidance throughout the entire PCI lifecycle.

  • Build a model for PCI DSS compliance that supports and enhances your business–not just one that fulfills compliancy requirements
  • Maintain your compliance status and enhance your overall information security management system in a cost-effective way
  • Gain confidence in your increased capability to successfully resist a cardholder data breach means your customers will feel safe too

F-Secure's blend of security management expertise and technical skills ensures relevant aspects of your compliance needs are covered. Armed with the knowledge of both your business requirements and the real-world threats to your organization, we foster continuous collaboration between our information security management and technical information security consultants. 

F-Secure focuses on combining compliance with the PCI DSS requirements with a strong understanding of your business needs. Our PCI QSA compliance services cover all consultancy and assessment needs related to the PCI standard:

  • Scope definition provides you with interpretation of the PCI scope performed by a QSA consultant, as well as all necessary documentation. Accurate scope definition may reduce your costs significantly.
  • Pre-assessment is recommended to conduct a gap-analysis that matches your environment with the PCI DSS requirements, forming the basis for your roadmap and remediation plan.
  • Remediation advice, with the QSA working as a trusted advisor, ensures that the PCI compliance project proceeds according to the requirements.
  • Annual assessment can be performed on site to verify that the organization is PCI DSS compliant. The QSA consultant will interview all relevant personnel, review all relevant documentation and gather evidence as required by the PCI DSS report and audit guidelines.
  • Ongoing compliance maintenance consists of completing daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly tasks to stay compliant. F-Secure can help you to run your compliance program to continue to be compliant in the future.

In addition to the QSA services, F-Secure also offers a wide range of related services from ASV vulnerability scans to penetration tests and application security assessments. Our specialized knowledge and related services make F-Secure the ideal partner for reaching PCI DSS compliance.

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