F-Secure Hardware Security Services

Security, embedded right from the beginning

Software security flaws can be corrected in an update process, but a fundamental hardware flaw requires costly hardware changes or even a complete product recall. This means making the right hardware design decisions early on in your development process is especially imperative.

We provide security engineering and auditing services for hardware and firmware solutions. Our superior expertise in hardware and software convergence is trusted by manufacturers around the world.

  • Maximize your budget efficiency and prevent costly mitigation processes
  • Develop your products from the drawing table to manufacturing with built-in security
  • Full attack surface analysis, from discrete electronics behavior up to embedded firmware

Understanding the special considerations of hardware development is essential in designing secure integrated products. Making proper design choices early in the process is crucial, as unlike software, hardware cannot be patched. And because critical hardware components often have opaque third-party dependencies, focused penetration testing and reverse engineering are vital to ensure sub-components cannot be used against your product.

F-Secure's Hardware Security team distinguishes itself not only with extensive experience in hardware security engineering as well as conventional software security consulting, but also by a deep understanding of hardware convergence with software. We deliver detailed and comprehensive security analysis of all software and hardware systems, along with practical and effective mitigation and protection strategies. Leveraging our extensive experience in automotive and avionics, our experts apply their deep understanding of the interaction between safety and security to audit every layer and ensure that embedded products of all kind are resilient against malicious activity.

Through design and code review as well as penetration testing, we map the entire attack surface, evaluating all functional interfaces exposed by your product software or firmware, as well as physical access. Through custom security engineering, leveraging our full understanding of defense and offense, we provide state-of-the-art R&D services to help you bring hardware and software solutions from the drawing table to manufacturing with built-in security.


Design review

Code review

Penetration testing

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"In the past decade we have been privileged to effectively secure and engineer hardware solutions in automotive, aviation, industrial controls, consumer electronics, financial systems, digital wallets and much more. Seeing our background in low level and exotic security research directly applied in the improvement, as well as creation, of innovative products is possibly the most rewarding professional experience, especially when it comes to safety critical systems."

Andrea Barisani
Head of Hardware Security, F-Secure


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