F-Secure Cyber Risk Management

Do you know the cyber risks specific to your organization, and are you managing them effectively?

An effective risk management system is a collection of capabilities and activities set in proper balance. F-Secure's Cyber Risk Management service provides a structured and prioritized approach to risk management development throughout the entire organization, with a special focus on information security risk management and data protection capabilities. Alongside the overall development of the process, we provide pioneering tools to support risk assessment and quantification.


  • Enterprise and security risk management expertise combined offers a unique service to your business
  • Excel in risk management through a comprehensive structured approach based on your needs
  • Reliable cyber risk reporting to support your business decision making

In a world where cyber risks have grown to be amongst the biggest threats to business, a well thought-out risk management program helps protect your business and your customers from costly and damaging cyber breach incidents. Risk management is your tool for prioritizing security spending and making informed decisions. 

Effective risk management begins with a systematic approach to risk identification, especially when it comes to critical information systems, services and other assets. Risks must be discovered and identified, then documented, discussed and analyzed. The process of managing the identified threats must be based on quantified and reliable information. 

Our service is delivered by a team of experienced risk management consultants. Your organizations' internal requirements and expectations will shape the work effort. Our flexible service structure offers either a full risk management development program or customized advisory services to help you excel in your chosen areas of risk management.

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