F-Secure Cyber Intelligence

Turn data into actionable intelligence to support your operative and strategic decision-making

F-Secure's Cyber Intelligence service offers organizations high quality open source data collection and analysis (OSINT as a Service) tailored to their specific needs. Instead of offering raw data, we deliver carefully analyzed, compelling information that conclusively answers our clients' detailed questions.


  • Analysis and actionable intelligence that answers your pre-defined questions
  • High-value capabilities and support in online data mining and analysis
  • Minimized digital footprint ensures capability for confidential online investigations

F-Secure's Cyber Intelligence service combines the best of man and machine. We use advanced tools to collect and analyze large amounts of data, while the heart of our service is our diverse team of experienced consultants. Data collection specialists from the infosec field work alongside intelligence analysts from law enforcement backgrounds to find you the answers you're looking for. 

We aspire to establish long-term relationships with our clients throughout which we carry out high-value assignments based on a deep understanding of your field of operation.

F-Secure Cyber Intelligence service covers all phases of the intelligence cycle


Scoping the client's problem, defining intelligence requirements and search parameters


Gathering raw data from multiple sources, including open, deep and dark web


Combining, enriching and cleansing data, extracting entities, visualizing data


Reporting, discussion and client feedback


Evaluation of the findings, delivery of educated conclusions and suggestions for next steps

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