F-Secure Crisis Management Exercise

Practice a cyber crisis scenario relevant to your business

You most likely have a plan for handling major cyber security incidents, but when put to the test, will your plan really succeed? With F-Secure's Crisis Management Exercise, you can safely and effectively discover whether your crisis management team is set to handle a cyber security breach.


  • Put your organization's ability to respond to a cyber breach to the test
  • Improve the effectiveness of your crisis management team's for handling future incidents
  • Develop your team's competence to lead and communicate under pressure

Most organizations have business continuity plans in place, but few proactively practice for a cyber security breach. In a crisis management exercise, F-Secure's technical security and risk management experts create a realistic cyber breach scenario for your organization to go through. The scenario will be crafted on the basis of our experts' extensive experience in investigating real breaches as well as a detailed analysis of your business.

During a Crisis Management Exercise, F-Secure's team tests your cyber breach management process and operations in practice. The purpose of the exercise is to discover whether your crisis management team performs efficiently and effectively under pressure when handling a crisis. Not only will you find out how prepared your organization really is to manage a cyber security breach, you'll also get a detailed set of recommendations on how to further improve your team's capabilities.

Steps of Crisis Management Exercise

Scenario Planning and Development

Our seasoned experts will analyze your company to identify relevant cyber breach scenarios for the exercise. We will interview the key people in your organization to get an understanding of your business and ways of working. We will also observe the way local media writes about your organization. Based on all the information gathered, we will build realistic crisis scenarios.

Running the Exercise

Your crisis management team along with other key individuals from areas such as Legal, IT and Communications will take part in an exercise run by F-Secure experts. During an onsite workshop your team will be tasked to manage a realistic cyber crisis scenario. Throughout the simulation, our experts will observe your team's actions to determine how closely they adhere to documented crisis management plans and how well they handle the cyber incident scenario overall.

Analysis and Recommendations

After the crisis management exercise, our consultants will share their immediate feedback and observations at an initial briefing. Later, the experts deliver a detailed exercise report covering observations of the team's actions and performance, feedback from the participants, as well as the recommended next steps on how to improve your internal crisis management capabilities.

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