F-Secure Red Team Testing

Test how well your organization can withstand a targeted attack

Would you like to know how well your organization would detect and respond to a targeted attack? Find out with a red team test, an all-out attack on your company's defenses that covers not only cyber security, but also the physical and human aspects of security.

F-Secure's threat intelligence-based red team test offers insight into the way attackers think and the tactics used in an attempt to compromise your organization.

Having red team testing performed provides a unique benchmark of your security monitoring capabilities and incident response processes. You'll find out whether your security controls can detect and respond to a breach in a timely fashion, and how their performance compares to your expectations and threat model. A red team test enables you to make smarter decisions about your cyber security investments.

  • Test and improve your organization's ability to detect, respond and contain a targeted attack
  • Train your staff to recognize real-life attacks and improve communication across the organization
  • Ensure that your organization's core assets are sufficiently protected and processes are aligned across the organization

The results of a red team test yield insight into how effective your cyber defense strategy and controls are and how they can be effectively improved in a cost efficient way. After the test has concluded, F-Secure consultants hold a session with the customer's major stakeholders to do a complete replay and analysis of the attack. This helps organizations detect where potential problems might lie with regards to detection, response and communication across the organization.

Performing regular red team testing simulates the latest attacks relevant for your business sector and provides real value for your business in establishing how well your customer information is protected, how easily your intellectual property is accessed, and how much effort is necessary to access physical locations that are otherwise off-limits.

"To date, our cyber security professionals have a 100% success rate in Red Team drills."

Janne Kauhanen
F-Secure Cyber Security Services

Word from an expert

F-Secure's experienced red teaming professional Tom Van de Wiele talks about the real-life tactics attackers use to break into companies of all shapes and sizes.

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