F-Secure Cyber Incident & Resilience Services

Respond to security breaches efficiently and effectively with holistic incident management practices and expert services.

F-Secure's portfolio of incident management services helps you manage all aspects of a data breach and swiftly recover from it. We believe that a successful incident response process always combines structured people and process management with skilled technical forensics work. Our experienced consultants support your team with cyber incident coordination and investigation tasks to minimize the impact a breach may have on your business.


  • Support from experienced experts who specialize in handling cyber incidents
  • Scalable, always available assistance in case of an incident
  • Minimize the impact an incident has on your business

Cyber resilience refers to an organization's ability to continuously deliver a desired outcome despite adverse circumstances and events. In addition to systems, services and applications, cyber resilience is concerned with leadership, teamwork and the effort an organization puts into improving its readiness and ability to recover. 

At F-Secure, we are specialized in investigating intrusions performed by the most advanced attackers, and helping our clients coordinate their response efforts where they matter most. Our consultants draw on their depth of experience and wide range of skills. We work closely with your in-house team and vendors to support threat containment and the recovery of your business processes.

Our approach is to become deeply familiar with your business and technological structure so we can provide the best possible service

Depending on the service level you choose, your service contains a combination of the following:

  • Incident coordination expert service with an SLA
  • Incident investigation expert service with an SLA
  • Regular service status meetings
  • A prioritized development roadmap for improving your cyber resilience over time
  • Annual threat exercise to train your in-house and vendor teams in detecting and investigating breaches
  • Annual exercise to verify and train incident response processes
  • Access to F-Secure Labs for custom malware analysis

Please contact F-Secure service sales for more information on service levels.

Any suspected malware found during our incident investigation can be sent to F-Secure Labs for expedited world-class malware analysis to determine whether the file is malicious and investigate how it works. Not only will this information help contain the situation at hand, it may also reveal harmful aspects of the attack that might otherwise have gone unnoticed.

Word from an expert

F-Secure's experienced Principal Risk Management Consultant Marko Buuri shares his thoughts on incident response and coordination

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