Quantify and communicate:
the ROI of cyber security

The ability to quantify your cyber security ROI with confidence and conviction is the key to defending your business case to the C-suite.

F-Secure's cyber security ROI calculator is out now! It’s based on extensive experience combined with robust statistical models. Learn about the factors behind the formula and see some example calculations from different industries and company sizes. Apply the calculator to your business case and share the results with your internal stakeholders.

The whitepaper content includes:

  • Introduction to the concept of ROI in cyber security
  • Explanation of the F-Secure ROI calculator methodology
  • Worked examples of ROI calculations
  • Tips for communicating your ROI calculation to key stakeholders
  • Guide to maximizing your ROI

ROI and the current threat landscape

Board discussions about cyber security will start with questions about the current threat landscape. The threat landscape is constantly evolving so it's important to stay up to date. Businesses today face the same threats as nation states, with a fraction of the resources available for defense.

The F-Secure model

Quantifying the cost of a security breach is difficult. Direct costs like damages to equipment or increased insurance premiums are easy enough to calculate, but the wider impact of business disruption and reputational damage are less concrete.

F-Secure's own model calculates risk probability using a combination of publicly available data and F-Secure’s own proprietary database.

Worked examples

In this section F-Secure works through two calculations for fictional companies to demonstrate the inputs required by the calculator, and a range of possible outputs. This includes projected losses from hypothetical breaches and the ROI of implementing one of F-Secure's solutions.

Maximizing your ROI

At its most basic, maximizing ROI means minimizing the costs of your cyber security without compromising your threat mitigation ratio. In this section we’ll focus on factors to consider when choosing a solution to make your investment as efficient as possible.

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