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A battle between cyber security defenders and criminal hackers

Every company has valuable assets to protect. Watch the story of a data breach nightmare, and take the test to see how prepared you are for a cyber attack.

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Advanced Threat Protection Solutions

F-Secure solutions are battle-tested with real insights into the attackers' mindset, sourced from the most experienced cyber crime investigators in the industry. Fileless attacks, inside jobs, zero-day exploits and advanced persistent threats – we will safeguard your organization against all cyber threats and help you respond to security incidents within minutes.

F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response

Monitor your IT environment status and security, detect targeted attacks swiftly, and respond with contextual visibility and automation.

F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response Service

Managed service that monitors your security status 24/7, alerting you of detected attacks within minutes with clear guidance on how to respond.

F-Secure Countercept

Advanced managed threat hunting service to detect and respond 24/7 to skilled human adversaries conducting live, hands-on keyboard attacks.

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We also offer

F-Secure Cyber Breach Impact Quantification

Quantify the actual impact a cyber breach can have on your organization.

F-Secure Red Team Testing

Test how well your organization can withstand a targeted attack.

F-Secure Cyber Incident & Resilience Services

Respond to security breaches efficiently and effectively with holistic incident management practices and expert services.