State of Cyber Security 2020

State of Cyber Security 2020

Hear from front-line cyber security experts about our 2020 research and what it means for your business.

Our newest research digs into both the attack landscape and how European security leaders are approaching defense. In this webinar, we’ll share the 2020 research highlights that matter most. You’ll take home expert insights that help you build an effective security strategy in the months ahead. Tune in to keep your finger on the pulse of European corporate security.

Webinar highlights:

  • Get an update on the 2020 attack landscape on malware, phishing and targeted attacks
  • Learn how your peers across Europe are choosing to defend their networks and data
  • See how your organization compares – benchmark your company against your European peers.

Speakers & host

Speaker: Christine Bejerasco
VP, Tactical Defence Unit, F-Secure

Christine has worked in the cyber security industry for 17 years. She started as a malware analyst during the time when malware outbreaks caused by network worms was commonplace and has seen threats evolve together with the evolution of technology. She has worked with different types of cyber threats in her career, and is now leading the unit in charge of the protection services behind F-Secure products, the Tactical Defense Unit.

Speaker: Janne Pirttilahti
VP, B2B Products, F-Secure

Janne’s decades of experience working in the IT industry have made him passionate about bringing security solutions to customers. He joined F-Secure in 2005, and since then, he’s played a key role in developing several of F-Secure’s current offerings, including F-Secure’s various B2B products & services and F-Secure’s popular Freedome VPN for consumers.

Host: André Noël Chaker

André Noël Chaker is a speaker, a writer, a performer, an entrepreneur and a business executive all rolled into one person. He is a popular speaker and moderator at top technology events. Amongst others, he has worked with Google, IBM, Microsoft, Nokia, Fujitsu and Accenture.

As an entrepreneur, André has been a leading force in many science, technology, gaming and sports related start-up ventures. He is a law graduate from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. He is a member of the New York Bar and the Finnish Lawyer’s association. He also holds an MBA in Finance & IT from Aalto University.