Key Data Protection strategies to prevent Cyber Attacks

Tuesday, 2 November

11:00 AM (SAST, South-African time)

The live Webinar being held is a joint presentation by local Cyber Security company Cybervision together with Security Specialists F-Secure and Data Management Professionals DMP-SA on the best practices to adopt a holistic data protection strategy to identify, protect, detect, respond and recover from ransomware and other cyberattacks.

With headquarters in Helsinki, Finland and being the biggest cyber security company in Europe, F-Secure has a great deal of experience in managing cyber security for a large range of organisations worldwide. DMP SA is a South African organisation with a global footprint that offers end-to-end data management solutions and services with cloud-based solutions that provide pay-per-use models with no data Ingress or Egress costs.

The following topics will be discussed in the webinar:

  • Types of attacks, e.g. Ransomware (incl. the new V2 variant), malware, phishing, data theft etc.
  • Cybercrime costs, both reputational & financial ($8 trillion per year projected by 2025 - the greatest transfer of wealth in history).
  • Why and how to prevent attacks and their impacts on organisations.
  • Risks of non-recovery and how to recover post attacks.
  • Best practices for detection and avoidance of attacks – both in the Cloud and on-site.
  • What one needs to protect data and backups from being compromised.
  • Get answers to your questions by submitting them to the experts during the webinar.

Register for the Webinar with Grant Chapman – Managing Director of Cybervision, Knut Vatneström - Senior Sales Engineer at F-Secure Corporation, and Iniel Dreyer, Managing Director at DMP SA at 11:00 AM SAST on 02 November 2021.


Knut Vatneström
Senior Sales Engineer, F-Secure Corporation

With F-Secure since 1999, Knut Vatneström has worked with IT security resellers, private companies and government organisations throughout South America, APAC and Europe. His international experience advising companies on cyber security issues and helping them secure their digital assets and networks gives him unique insights into the threats and security risks we are facing today.

Iniel Dreyer
Data Management Professionals, DMP-SA

Iniel, a stalwart in the South African data management and backup arena, has over 23 years’ experience in IT, with extensive knowledge in data management, cloud computing and disaster recovery. Having a solid understanding of IT infrastructure and international successes in data management specialisation, provided the foundation for Iniel to establish DMP SA in 2019. Iniel’s focus is to have DMP SA assist organisations in storing, protecting, and managing their data, delivering a service that supports the core business while adding value through innovative technology. This ensures that the South African market is empowered to leverage cost-effective best practice data management utilising leading platforms and services. From backup and recovery to hybrid cloud environments, storage, and protection to a complete managed service, Iniel helps drive DMP SA to offer a complete range of solutions and services underscored by the strength of relationships and exceed customer needs.

Grant Chapman
Managing Director, Cybervision PTY Ltd

Grant has been in the cyber security industry for almost three decades now, having established the business to provide IT security solutions to organisations in South Africa 27 years ago after meeting with F-Secure’s founders who came to visit him locally for this purpose. An engineer in training with an MSc from the University of Cape Town, Grant finds the cyber security industry very stimulating from a technical point of view as it constantly evolves worldwide with new challenges due to more individuals and organisations engaging with the benefits of IT technology. Grant also appreciates having Cybervision assist end users and organisations in helping secure them against becoming victims of cybercrime activities in order to have them remain successful financially for their own growth and the benefits of others in their country’s economy. He also considers having a relationship with F-Secure to always be very rewarding due to their trustworthiness and the decency of their management and staff which is of paramount importance for anyone needing to deal with cybersecurity concerns.


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In partnership

Cybervision PTY Ltd is a leading distributor of cyber security solutions and services in southern Africa, with a large number of very satisfied customer companies in numerous industries through their resellers and over 27 years of experience with F-Secure in the field.

Data Management Professionals South Africa (DMP SA) offers end-to-end data management solutions and services, creating value for our customers and partners. At DMP SA, we are passionate about our customers and technology; we strive to become trusted advisors for storage and backup to our customers and building long-lasting relationships.  We combine years of data management experience with industry-leading technologies and best of breed products to help our customers reduce the complexities and costs of managing data.

F-Secure is Europe’s largest cyber security company. Our portfolio includes products and services ranging from threat prediction and prevention to detection and response. We have over 100,000 satisfied corporate customers, including top banks, airlines, and enterprises.