A closer look at cyber attacks through simulation

Monday, 3 May 2021

13:00 - 14:30 EEST

Join us this May for an in-depth look at the cyber-attacks causing losses worth millions for businesses every year. Get the latest insights and find out exactly how companies fall prey to such threats and how to prevent them.

We will introduce you to the Carbanak and FIN7 threat groups, which have caused widespread disruptions over the past few years across multiple sectors. This includes attacks on banks and other financial organizations, hospitals, industrial verticals, retail chains, and more. Discover how these groups operate, and what can be done to detect and prevent their criminal activities.

During this webinar, we will guide you through the known Carbanak and FIN7 tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP’s) used to steal credit card information, personal data and perform other illegal activities. F-Secure experts will organize a live attack simulation, allowing you to better understand the attack chains of these adversaries. Finally, we will show how the F-Secure Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution deals with such threats.

Topic covered in this webinar

  • Experience a live simulation of a Carbanak/FIN7 attack
  • Get the latest data and insights about threat groups from leading experts
  • Discover how cybercriminals target banks, healthcare institutions and other major organizations
  • Learn how F-Secure products can help mitigate the risk of such attacks


Elias Koivula
Threat Researcher, Tactical Defense Unit, F-Secure

Elias is part of Advanced Threat Intelligence and Detection team within F-Secures Tactical Defense Unit. The team is responsible for threat analysis and TPP simulation. Elias also has experience on Threat Landscape updates, and incident response. He is also a dynamic speaker – we guarantee you won’t be bored during this talk!