COVID-19 email attacks evolving as outbreak spreads

8 April, 2020

2 pm BST / 3 pm CET / 4 pm EET

COVID-19 themed attacks evolve as outbreak spreads. Christine Bejerasco from F-Secure’s Tactical Defense Unit sheds light on how coronavirus themed email attacks have spread along with the virus and what you can do to stop them.

In this webinar you will learn

  • The increased relevance of email as attack vector under current circumstances
  • How scammers are using social engineering in the current situation
  • How email is used as an entry point to attack organizations


Christine Bejerasco
VP of Tactical Defense Unit, F-Secure

Christine leads the team that runs the defense services that create rules and detections that power the F-Secure security products against the latest threats. The team also researches threats and creates external reports on those.

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