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Why choose F-Secure?

  • Better protection Get better anti-malware, as proven by independent 3rd party evaluations
  • Ransomware defense Use a dedicated security component to protect yourself from ransomware and prevent data encryption
  • Easy central management Manage all your security solutions through a single, user-friendly cloud portal

Our portfolio includes solutions and consulting services for all areas of security, with customers ranging from the world’s top banks to enterprises. 

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The only vendor to have won the ‘Best Protection' award from AV-Test seven times since its inception in 2011.

Less consistent protection based on AV-Test. 


Provides streamlined multi-company management with cloud-native, integrated and single client security management across EPP, EDR and vulnerability management.

EPP and EDR management is done through separate cloud consoles, adding management complexity.


Provides a dedicated security component to increase protection against ransomware and prevents encryption of data in the event of a breach.

No specific capabilities against ransomware. Relies purely on the standard antimalware capabilities.


Provides fully integrated patch management capability, vulnerability analysis based on missing patches and a patching priority list. No additional servers or clients needed.

Does not offer an integrated patch management capability, which can prevent up to 80% of attacks. It is only available in a separate device management product.


Provides contextual visibility into advanced threats by automatically identifying threats across multiple hosts. Remote response actions also for macOS with optional automation. Detections are stored for 1 year without extra cost. The MITRE ATT&CK results with the highest 89% coverage.

Provides an integrated EDR capability. However, their detection capability is very simplistic and doesn't cover the broader context of the event. The EDR capabilities have not been independently evaluated by MITRE.


World-class cyber security consulting and experts are available as a service through built-in ‘Elevate to F-Secure’ product feature under 2-hour SLA 24/7/365. Advanced managed threat hunting and response service is also available.

No integrated investigation services available from Symantec experts. There is only a fully managed detection and response service available.

You get endpoint protection with detection and response in one solution

The solutions can be deployed quickly in a single installation, with no need to invest in new server hardware, software, or maintenance. 

Cloud-native endpoint protection

F-Secure Elements Endpoint Protection is the best, most comprehensive endpoint security package on the market. It's designed from the ground up to solve challenging business security needs, without significant maintenance or management overhead.

Cloud-native endpoint protection

  • SIEM/RMM support. Cost effective, open integration with any central management tool.
  • Less overhead. Simplifies and streamlines security management, reducing the time and resources required.
  • Easy set-up. Straightforward and scalable deployment without needing to invest in server hardware, software, or maintenance

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Endpoint Detection and Response

F-Secure Elements Endpoint Detection and Response is an industry-leading endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution that leverages the most advanced analytics and machine learning technologies to shield your organization against advanced cyber threats and breaches.

Endpoint Detection and Response

  • Gain immediate visibility into potentially unwanted or harmful applications and cloud services.
  • Identify automatically advanced threats with risk levels and host criticality for easy prioritization.
  • Visualize attacks in broader context with all relevant detections and hosts on a timeline.

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